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For a long time, I thought personal development was an individual undertaking. Of course the responsibility of becoming a better version of myself is mine and mine alone but it doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit. 

It took me a while to realize that growing up is a more rewarding experience when done alongside people who are willing to share their own challenges and wins (and the process behind them, of course). 

I guess "some things just take time", as my latest podcast guest (a startup mentor and investor) says. 

Looking back at the past year, I can’t help but notice the fundamental role that close friends and communities played in my transition from a full-time job to growing a freelancing business. 

From having a monthly accountability meetup with two of my closest friends to sharing experiences with a group of fantastic fellow freelancers, from joining Twitter chats that bring wonderful communities together to heart to heart talks with customers (unexpected, right?) - every single one of these conversations changed me. This is also the most rewarding part of life and work which is why I really think it’s time we ditched the whole “work life vs personal life” division. 

If you don’t believe me, take it from someone with A LOT more experience: startup investor and mentor Alan Clayton.

“People often have a strange idea about how their work life is separate from their home life, which I think is a bit bizarre because what I do at work has a huge impact on everything I do outside of work and vice versa.”

Going through countless transitions and life experiences and openly talking about them with my better half, friends, colleagues (who turned into friends), clients, and even people I met for just a few minutes is what helped me change my opinion of myself. 

I used to think my introverted nature meant I didn’t do as well in social gatherings which caused me to always feel left out. Thoughts like these held me back for a long time but working through these self-imposed constraints (alone and with a brilliant coach) finally freed me to live life more fully than I ever thought I could.

Now I truly believe we can change the stories we tell ourselves, even though it’s not easy. But nothing great ever is! 

If you’re keen on challenging your thinking today, listen to my conversation with Alan Clayton to pick up a few life lessons that can help you engage the different types of intelligence you possess but that you may not have used in a while. 

It’s bound to leave you exploring some interesting ways to look at your own development. 

And keep this in mind: there’s nothing you have to do. 
The power to decide how you want to spend your time is yours. 

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Have a brilliant rest of the week,

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