THE GUILTY - Tuesday 7th January 7.30pm at St Mary's
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The Guilty
85 mins
Director Gustav Möller
Starring Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage, Omar Shargawi
Cert 15


Consigned to emergency dispatch duties while awaiting a disciplinary hearing, Copenhagen cop Asger (Jakob Cedergren) receives a call from a frightened woman named Iben (Jessica Dinnage), who claims to have been abducted by her ex-husband (Johan Olsen). Acting on instinct, Asger takes matters into his own hands with disconcerting consequences.

It's not often that the sound designer is a film's most crucial contributor, but 30-year-old Swede Gustav Möller's debut feature owes a sizeable debt to Oskar Skriver, who viscerally creates the off-screen reality that intrudes upon what Danish cop Asger (Cedergren) hopes will be his last night on phone duty. He is awaiting a hearing that will clear his return to the beat and perhaps believes that a little headset heroism will bolster his case. But by refusing to follow protocol, the macho maverick complicates an already delicate predicament involving a desperate woman who has taken the risk of calling the police while being abducted by her ex-husband, who has a record of violence.

The concept of an emergency services operator taking the law into their own hands isn't new. But Möller and co-scenarist Emil Nygaard Albertsen steer this tense, real-time thriller away from the preposterous implausibilities that Brad Anderson heaped upon Halle Berry in 2013’s The Call. Nevertheless, in imparting a new spin on the old chestnut about a cop landing knee-deep in a doozy of a case just as he is about to retire, Möller strains credibility on a couple of occasions, as Asger stays on after the end of his shift and holes up in a side office without any of his supervisors suspecting he's going rogue.

As details leak about the reasons for his suspension and his troubled home life, Asger demonstrates considerable resourcefulness in trying to keep the situation under control. At times, you can almost hear him think, Jasper Spanning's camera closing in on his racked expression as Asger tries to end the crisis without more bloodshed. But it's Möller's use of ambient sound and disarming silence that enables him to ratchet up the suspense until events take a decisive and unexpected turn.

Echoes of Dog Day Afternoon and Locke reverberate around this claustrophobic thriller, which is tautly plotted, precisely paced and grippingly played by Jakob Cedergren and his unseen co-stars.

David Parkinson, Empire.

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Tickets are now available for our forthcoming Social Night.  This will take place on Saturday 8th February at St Mary's Creative Space, doors open at 7.30pm. This event is open to all, not just members of the Film Society. Invite your friends along!  The evening includes our famous wall quiz, raffle, caption competition and video quiz.  Some great prizes to be won!

Throughout the evening a selection of short films will be shown for your entertainment.

Food is included in the price, and will comprise a variety of curries (including vegetarian option), along with a sweet.  Help your film society by buying some wine from our bar.

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