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It’s February, the month of love. I’m off to do what I love this month – attending a course and learning.  I will meet Chip Conley, longtime hotelier and founder of the boutique hotel chain, Joie de Vivre. Chip’s story is an inspirational example of how to reinvent yourself in the second half of your life – your Retiremeant™ years. The course is called Consciously Curated Life at his Modern Elder Academy which provides the place and tools to start reframing your lifetime’s experiences. As Chip puts it: “Grow whole, not old.” What has me bustling with joy is bringing this wisdom back to share it with our Retiremeant™ community. Click here to read more about Chip, his book, and my trip.
This newsletter features Sally Williams, not only because I love her nougat, but also because Sally embraces the true meaning of transforming work into a meaningful and fulfilling life adventure.  Click here to read Sally’s inspirational life journey.
I wish you the courage to make a mindshift to ensure you are engaged in meaningful activities in retirement.

A mindshift in midlife – working takes on a new perspective

If you’re feeling a bit stuck in the midlife phase and transition into the next chapter of your life, why not read Chip Conley’s new book, Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, recommends Kim Potgieter.

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“Work is about a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor, in short, for a sort of life - rather than a Monday through Friday sort of dying...” – Studs Terkel


Sally Williams: entrepreneur at 54

South African nougat legend, Sally Williams, started her business from her garage, sometimes doing night shifts and personally delivering her delicious product. The result?  A net profit of R1.4 million in her first year, but, more importantly, loving every moment of her new chapter.  So, the next time you sample a Sally Williams sweet treat, think of what your new venture will be. 

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Mentorship for all

“Many of us have lost the appreciation for the value of the expertise and experience that only comes with age.” So says Chip Conley, author of Wisdom @ Work and inspiration for Retirementor, Lynda Smith.  In her article, Lynda explores what Chip means when he labels himself a MENTERN, and underscores the value of the exchange of expertise – older people bring wisdom and experience, youngsters offer tech-savvy and knowledge of how we can use it to advance our own business ends.  
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When it's time to make lemonade 

When Olga Flanders’ life took an unexpected turn when her husband developed early onset dementia, she was tempted to feel sorry for herself.  This was not the life she had planned for them in their second chapter.  Also, she needed to generate additional money, and to combat her own loneliness.

Here is Olga’s own account of how she gathered her courage and created a fulfilled life … making lemonade when life gives you lemons! This Chartered client runs her own side business while loving every moment of turning her passion into profit … and fun!  

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The value that you bring to the marketplace

You are more than you appear to be in the current moment – you are the culmination of years of experience, wisdom and growth.  Take that with you as you forge your way into new career territory … and gain inspiration from this article.  

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A new career is on the cards, teaching Bridge 

Gill Orpen loves playing Bridge and has now made a new career out of helping others love it, too.  Gill offers one-on-one Bridge lessons of two hours each at R100 a lesson in Randburg.
If you are an aspirant Bridge champion – or just want to have fun and keep your brain sharp – contact Gill at 078 493 9644; email:


Turn your passions into retirement income or community support

Here are four ways to benefit from the activities and interests you love, and generate an income or raise funds for your favourite charity.  Or simply offer your skills to support your community.  
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