Change can be daunting ... but recognising that change makes room for growth and learning how to cope with it makes all the difference!

Dealing with change


         Walls or Windmills?

As we welcome the new year, Kim Potgieter shares her personal mantra for 2016:

"Being able to adapt to change will serve me well in the year ahead”.
A very traumatic personal experience recently reminded me of the sage words of a Chinese proverb:  When the winds of change blow, some people build walls … and others build windmills.  I am making choices that catch that wind of adversity and turn it to advantage.

It is said that that the only certainty is death and taxes.  I would like to add ‘change’ to that list. 

As a driver personality, I tend to set challenging goals and have even higher expectations of how I should live life and what that life should comprise. 

Of course, life has its own agenda, and often, in retrospect, I have had to tweak what I was trying to achieve … with the recognition that I am not completely in control. 

So, my message in this newsletter is:  we may not be able to control all circumstances in our lives, but we do have control over our response to these changes.

Winston’s wisdom for wholeness
It was Winston Churchill who said that “attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  This truth seldom has greater application than when we are in a crisis, and my recent encounter with crime in our country has required me to harness my attitude.

Having donated proceeds from my book to a special day with Reach for a Dream, I was looking forward to seeing little girls having one day of being pampered. 

But, as I braked outside the hotel, my gut put me on full alert … something was not right.  “It’s a charity event,” I told myself, “don’t be ridiculous!”  

In a moment, I had two guns to my head and, for the second time in my life, my wedding ring and my jewellery was being taken from me. 

I lost only material possessions, not my life. 

But, despite trying to hold onto this positive outcome, something changed within me.  I thought of the unfairness of it all, and the state of the country, and, most of all, the fragility of life. 

Following my last robbery, I had adopted the attitude that the thieves would win if I stopped wearing my jewellery (I love wearing my jewellery); but now? 

I knew that I needed to adjust to change. 

I am embracing the idea that I am worth more than jewellery, and working on feeling secure again.  This has required many courageous conversations with myself, drawing on inner strength that we all too often forget that we have. 

Gratitude frequently comes to the rescue!  By reminding myself of how much I have to be grateful for, I become better equipped to deal with change. 

Let’s embrace shifts in life.  Let’s live courageously.  Let’s bring our wholehearted selves to making every day a significant one. 

This is my wish for you this year … whatever changes you may face.  Build those windmills and have an exciting 2016.


Make those changes stick!

Understand the value of good thinking  

When it comes to making positive personal changes, do you know what most people’s number one challenge is?  It’s their feelings.  They want to change, but they don’t know how to get past their emotions.  But there is a way to do it.

If you are willing to change your thinking, you can change your feelings. If you change your feelings, you can change your actions.  And changing your actions – based on good thinking – can change your life.

Start by changing your mind. Nothing else you can do will have as great an impact.

Click here for more from Maxwell on this subject.


Bucket Wheels and Back Packs

A number of Chartered clients have been ticking off Bucket Wheel items by undertaking trips that remind them of the diversity and beauty of our world. 

Please enjoy reading their accounts and appreciating the moments captured on camera. 

Mosques, Museums and Imams - the Rolfes visit Istanbul. Click here.

Johanna and Rodney Martheze's Northern Lights cruise.  Click here.

The Uptons' close encounter with lions in Botswana.  Click here.

If you would like to share your travel tales, please email

We love to see our Retire Successfully community sharing their experiences.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR … spelled out

H appiness depends on your outlook on life. Find the good in all situations.
A ttitude is just as important as ability. Keep your attitude positive. 
P assion - find yours this year! Do what you love and you will never work. 
P ositive thoughts make everything easier. Stay focused and remain optimistic. 
Y ou are unique, with special gifts - use them.  Never forget you have talent.
N ew beginnings
come with a new year. 
E nthusiasm is the true secret of success. 
W ishes - may they turn into goals. 
Y ears
go by too quickly, so enjoy them. Take wisdom from your elders … listen. 
E nergy - may you have lots of it. Take care of yourself. 
A ppreciation of life - don't take it for granted. Live each day. 
R efresh. Take time to relax in this coming year, and keep a balance in your life.

The time is now

Decide for this year that you are no longer going to put off those things that you have always wanted to do!

This may require some changes, but I believe a good year starts with a self-audit and then putting plans in place for the kind of year you want ... and sometimes that's all it is - just planning for it.

If you need help with your self-audit, feel free to make use of our tools - the Balance Wheel test is my best (click here to view the Balance Wheel and to do the test). 

Why not also complete a Bucket Wheel for 2016?  This allows you to set goals for the year, but also to bring balance by ensuring that you are not just setting goals in one or two areas of your life. 

You are welcome to download the Bucket Wheel from my website, fill it in with your goals, and pin it in a prominent place - just to keep you on track?  Click here to access the Bucket Wheel.

If you struggle with setting goals, why not use some of the ideas in this newsletter to give you inspiration - I really like the Happy New Year acronym. 

And if you are not great at sticking to your goals, you may find John Maxwell's article of practical value. 

Good luck .... and live your best life this year!

Coping with change

Ask yourself some questions about change:
  • How do you usually feel about change in your life?
  • What thoughts come to you as you anticipate a change?
  • How often do you ask for help when you are experiencing stress from change?
  • What can help you to cope better with change in your life?
There are ways to help your brain get used to change.  Click here to read: Change-charge your brain.
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