Whether your transformation happens through trauma, surprise, or intention, the process begins because of a growing need for change. Suzy Ross

Mastering the Art of Personal Alchemy

 "We cannot become what we need to  be by  remaining what we  are."  Oprah   Winfrey  

Reinvention means a planned, positive change to your life, the key to which is awareness of how you are thinking at the time. 

To successfully reinvent ourselves, we need to move out of the past and create a new perspective that allows us to identify the possibilities that exist now and in the future.

Often we feel that nudge ... we want to change, but then we focus on the past and seek solutions based on what we know, on bygone experiences.  This backward look can take us as far back as childhood, to an incident or possibly something our parents said, not realising the impact on us. 

Think of how you would like to move forward now and do not allow past experiences, successes and failures to influence your current potential and possibilities. 

In this newsletter, we share the transition stories of two of our clients, Andre and Gabi, who chose new paths for themselves. What steps did they take to create new and successful parallel lives?  In doing this, they laid the foundation for a successful reinvention of their lives.

Transitions are often challenging situations and it is crucial to manage the change differently and creatively in order to move forward and not lose ground.

At a turning point
In our life planning meetings at Chartered Wealth, we regularly deal with clients who find themselves at a turning point in their lives.  They may voluntarily be changing their lives or, very often, change happens to them owing to something outside their control. 

In our business, a typical transition occurs at retirement, but this is by no means the only time.  Transitions can happen at any time in our lives and we must be ready to tackle them head on when they arrive.

Spot the possibiilties
Stress is a normal part of change and results in people being unable to see opportunities.  It is important at this time to remain calm and allow creativity and inspiration to be your guide.
"Self-doubt is the enemy of successful reinvention"

The repetitious recording playing in our heads reflects the voices of our critics and people trying to undermine us.  This inevitably leads to self-doubt.  There are many ways to shut out this negative noise: exercise, prayer and meditation often help.  But every person needs to find their own way to build the foundation for the new life that they want and can achieve.

I am most grateful to be able to share with clients their personal journeys of reinvention. I have been humbled to see how people have successfully taken on the challenge.    
"Whether your transformation happens through trauma, surprise, or intention, the process begins because of a growing need for change" ~ Suzy Ross

Taking the plunge to reinvent yourself

Faced with the reality of being on her own, Chartered client, Gabi Steenkamp, had no choice but to start again and re-invent herself.

While re-inventing myself may have seemed like a daunting prospect, I knew that I had some personal work to do, quietly and courageously, to have a clear vision of what I really wanted for my life.

I thought long and hard about what makes me content, productive and nice-to-be-with, and also about what makes me grumpy and critical.

Once I had sorted out that I needed to be in nature and beauty, needed lots of down time, had to stay fit and healthy, and had to find a way to earn enough money to keep me afloat every month, it was easy to choose where to move to. 

I have always wanted to live in Cape Town, but moving there proved to be very expensive.
In addition, with all the experts in their fields flocking to Cape Town for the lifestyle it afforded, most medical and para medical professions are over traded and hard to get into.

I also believed that my advanced age was against me, and felt I needed to stay in a profession that did not require a young woman to get the job done.

So, I played on my 35 years of experience as a clinical dietitian and the fact that, today, you can set up a business that does not require expensive offices or even direct contact with the public on a daily basis.

Gabi's successful transition required her refreshing her website and creating a home office ... but wait!  If you want to read the rest of this story of personal alchemy, click here!.

The test will take no longer than 10 minutes of your time, and is designed to show you in a visual format how balanced your life currently is.

"I wanted to move on in my life"

Andre du Plessis, Chartered client, was a successful advocate in Johannesburg, with a thriving practice and a blossoming young family. 

Then, aged fifty, he took the remarkable step of walking away from the practice of law.  “I left for several reasons, some of them to do with things I disliked about the profession, but mainly I wanted to move on in my life.  It was a full reassessment.”
Reassessment is a word he uses with passion. 

“When someone reaches fifty, there is no excuse not to reassess your life,” he says.  “You need to challenge your beliefs, snap out of your routine.  People say they are too busy or too comfortable.  Usually they are too lazy or simply too scared to look at their situations.  Don’t think of it as a crisis, rather as a reinvention of yourself.”
For Andre, part of this process was to interrogate his relationship with money.

“A person needs to know what money means to them.  While you are living you can spend it, save it or give it away.  I found that eighty percent of my concerns in life were about money.  This was unhealthy.  The percentage should have been less than twenty.”
"You will know when the time is right to reinvent yourself"

So he decided to engage Chartered Wealth to set up an estate plan. 

“I soon found that estate planning is far more than just setting up a will.  Most people have a basic financial plan.  I had that.  The next level is estate planning.  I wanted that.  But Chartered opened me up to the highest level – Life Planning. I realised that money is just one part of my life’s spectrum.  My entire vision changed and money took its rightful place among everything else.  That was the essence of the reinvention of my life.”

The way Chartered managed the actual estate planning process was highly impressive.  “It completely exceeded my expectations.  The quality of the expertise and service was greater than I have ever encountered.”

Lynette Wilkinson, Retirement Specialist at Chartered Wealth Solutions, who managed Andre’s estate plan, worked wonders for him.  

To find out how, and to read the rest of this article, click here.

Chartered women welcome Spring! 

Sarah Walker from The Little Flower Workshop demonstrated how to make a posy ... and each woman created her own unique bouquet - a Women's Day gift to take home. Thanks for being the amazing women you are! For more pics from the joyful day, click here.

Can you let go? asks Retirementor, Alan Hosking

Ask any six-year-old their age and they will tell you, "Six and a half," or "Almost seven!"  That sums up a deep human desire. From young, every person wants to be more than they currently are. To be more, they want know more, grow more and have more.  

We are socialised to think that we must always get as much as we can and, once we’ve got something, keep it.

But it’s in letting go that we actually get what we really want. Instead of looking at what you can grab and hold onto, look at what you should be letting go of in your life ... to find genuine, lasting success and fulfilment, we must learn to do so.

The Law of Detachment says that we must not attach ourselves to the outcome of our desires. Certainly, have clear goals and plans as to how you are going to achieve those goals and take clear steps to achieve the goals … but do not attach yourself to the outcome of those goals.

You see, when you attach yourself to any desired outcome, you worry about whether it’s going to happen or not. And that is what stresses you. When you get to a point where you can let go of the outcome, you conquer stress and worry.

You may need to let go of unhappy memories that you have carried for decades. Let them go. Carrying them with you will not make you happier - they just contribute to the baggage you carry. I’ve dealt with hundreds of people who carry baggage and I can assure you that not one of them has been happy. 

Let go of the things you hold against yourself - forgive yourself and let them go. 

Some people need to let go of the control they try to exert over others. The only person you have control over is yourself. You might have felt in control of your children when they were young but, as they grew up, you had the feeling that you had lost control of them. Maybe it’s time to let go of the need to feel in control of your adult children. When you let go of them, you will get them back.

And that is the secret to letting go. When we learn that letting go of things brings more and better into our lives, we will become comfortable with letting go.

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Alan's article by
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101 Questions to ask yourself

is an excellent resource to kickstart your own reinvention. Why not print out the list and choose one or two a day?
The questions are soul-searching - be warned that asking meaningfully can change your life. Here is a taste: 
  • Are there parts of your life you are putting hold? Why?
  • What are the achievements you are most proud of?
  • Who are the five people you spend the most time with?
Want to use the rest of these excellent questions? Visit our website and click on Expert Visitor under Retirementors or under the category of 'Purpose'.

Longevity - a gift

Studies predict that most children born in rich countries today will live beyond 100.

The goal for the current generation is to reinvent themselves to meeting the growing challenges – and opportunities – that are present.

Some view longevity as a curse, dreading ill health and tight finances. But, in this book, the authors consider the question: how do our lives, relationships, careers and institutions have to change as people increasingly live to 100?
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