Volunteers needed this Saturday for Walter Elwood Museum/ Guy Park Manor Clean Up
The Walter Elwood Museum is seeking volunteers to assist with clean up at the Guy Park Manor site this Saturday.  They will be relocating to 328 Division Street while the Guy Park Manor site is being repaired.  Volunteers are needed to assist with this clean up/ relocation effort.   The Museum is seeking able-bodied volunteers and requests that all volunteers wear sturdy boots or sneakers, hard hats, rubber gloves and appropriate attire.  St. Mary’s Hospital has donated gloves and masks for volunteers to utilize.  The Museum is also requesting that any volunteers with small pick up trucks willing to transport items to 328 Division Street please attend.  Please understand that these items will be dirty. 
Due to the state of the Guy Park Manor site, it is important to note that for the safety of the volunteers, individuals with ambulatory or respiratory health concerns cannot assist with this effort.  Also please keep in mind that any clothing or shoes worn to the site may need to be disposed off after this clean up due to saturation of river silt present on site.  No volunteers will be allow into the Guy Park Manor due to the instability of the building.  Items will be brought outside for volunteers to clean and to load into trucks for transportation to 328 Division Street.  There will be a tractor-trailer truck on site to assist with the relocation donated by Power Pallet.
The Museum is currently trying to find a sponsor to provide lunch for the volunteers but does request that all volunteers bring plenty of their own drinking water for the day.  There is no drinking water available on site.  Tents for breaks/ lunch and wash water will be provided.  All volunteers are to arrive by 8:30 a.m.; instructions will be given promptly at 9:00.  If you plan on volunteering, please leave a message on the Museum website, www.walterelwoodmuseum.org or email director@walterelwoodmuseum.com with the following information:
·    Name(s)/ number of volunteers
·    Phone number for volunteers
Additionally the following items are needed to assist with the clean up:
·        Floor fans
·        Dehumidifiers
·        Garden hoses
·        Ziploc bags
·        Wax paper
·        Twine
·        Clothes pins
·        Milk Crates
·        Old sheets
·        Old toothbrushes
More information can be found on the Museum’s website or on Facebook.  Please do not expect a return email or phone call from the Museum at this time.  Due to the damages sustained, Museum staff has limited access to phones/ Internet and asks for the community’s patience and understanding.  The Museum sincerely appreciates the assistance and outpourings of support received from the community and hope to be back in business shortly.  

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