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Introduction to the FLC Technology Locator ServiceThis e mail is regarding the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC), the FLC Technology Locator, and the services the FLC Technology Locator provides. For more information about the FLC, please visit the FLC web site.  The FLC was established by the U.S. Congress to help U.S. companies increase their competitive edge.  Congress mandated that—whenever possible—the results of the research and development being conducted at federal laboratories should be transferred to the private sector. This process is known as technology transfer. I’m sure you are aware of the process.  More and more companies and state organizations are discovering the power of working with the federal laboratories. We assist private sector companies and state economic development organizations by identifying Federal Laboratories that have technologies of interest to their clients.  Our services are free of charge to U.S. industry, academia, and state and local government organizations.  The FLC Technology Locator provides a point of entry to the federal laboratory that has the expertise and technology of interest.  Once we provide the information, follow on arrangements for technical exchange are negotiated between the technology seeker and federal laboratory representatives.
If you need Technology Locator  support to identify technologies of interest, please contact us using the locator request form.  A help form and a summary showing the FLC technology locator’s recent activity is provided as well.

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