Issue 31 | December 2015
Achievements and highlights of 2015
The South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) Unit would like to thank all of those we have worked with during 2015. We greatly appreciate your hard work, enthusiasm and contributions. We look forward to working with you in 2016.
The team at SA MET would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas
and a safe and happy New Year!
From the Presiding Member
Professor Kevin Forsyth, Presiding Member, 
South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) Health Advisory Council

My sincere thanks to the members of the Medical Education and Training Health Advisory Council (Council), who have given up many hours of their time to provide the oversight and leadership of medical education and training activities throughout this year. I am also mindful of the dedicated Directors of Clinical Training (DCTs) in our hospitals, working with junior doctors supporting them in their training and professional identity formation as new doctors. And not to forget the hundreds of clinicians who are supervisors to the junior doctors, thank you from the Council for this important work you all do.

There are challenges ahead. In this era of changes to our health services, ensuring the capacity to train the junior doctor workforce remains a paramount concern of the Council. We seek an environment in our health services which supports good training. Good training is largely about giving feedback on performance, equipping junior doctors with the knowledge and skills to be highly competent practitioners, and ensuring all work to their maximum potential. Such practices lead to better health outcomes for patients as well as a better equipped health workforce.

This coming year will see greater clarity and definition of what ‘internship’ will become. Internship is changing, it may become more of a ‘transition-to-practice’ period, with outcomes that need to be met that ensures highly competent doctors as they move along the training ‘pipeline’. All positive moves.

Many thanks to all of you who work with and support our junior doctors. I wish you all the best for this coming holiday season.

SA MET Unit update

Associate Professor Alison Jones, Manager,
South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) Unit

This year has been a great opportunity for the SA MET Unit to reflect on the main portfolios it covers and how we best meet the needs of the Local Health Networks (LHNs), junior doctors and the broad range of people who provide education, training and supervision. There have been local and national agendas we have worked with, including Transforming Health, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), the National Review of Medical Intern Training and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) report on discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment

The review of intern training has led to an excellent report from the independent reviewers that sets out how best to support early career doctors with their transition to practice and what kind of model would be most suitable. The RACS report forces us to look at local systems and practices and the SA MET Unit role in monitoring the quality of learning environments for doctors in training. Transforming Health has necessitated us revising our accreditation approaches to be able to respond quickly to changes in units and ensure due diligence around processes to continue to meet the Medical Board’s requirements for us as the delegated authority for accreditation of intern training. We are aware of the pressure on intern places with increasing numbers of graduates and have started to revisit our approaches for recruitment and appointment to those roles. And, with a broader perspective, we have continued our input to the Women-in-Leadership Steering Committee, which we feel is an important part of the work of SA Health. 

This has all been possible with a very dedicated and skilled team of staff who have worked hard this year to reflect on our approaches and look for ways to better support our stakeholders while maintaining the standards we want to work to at all times. I am pleased that we have been able to support and promote flexible work practices across the team and ensure that the SA Health values of integrity, respect and accountability are core to our work. We welcome feedback at any time on any aspect of what we do. We look forward to working with many of you over the next year.

Contact the SA MET Unit through our website or via email
Intern and PGY2+ allocation
2015 marked the transition of the intern and PGY2+ applications to the SA Health Recruitment system. Previously, the SA MET Unit managed these applications in a third party application system. The SA MET Unit together with its partners, SA Health workforce directorate and medical administrators from each Local Health Network (LHN) including, Directors of Medical Services, Trainee Medical Officer managers and others, coordinated the transition of the recruitment and application processes into SA Health’s recruitment system, e-Recruitment. 
Currently, offers for intern positions within South Australia have been made to all category group 1, 1.2, 2.1 and 2.2 applicants. Offers have commenced for category group 3.1 applicants. The final National Audit has been completed and the Late Vacancies Management Process has commenced. This process will be open to applicants who do not currently hold a 2016 intern position. For more information, please view the Late Vacancies Management Process fact sheet.

The SA MET Unit undertook three rounds of offers for the PGY2+ application process. Under the direction of the LHNs, we made offers through the SA Health Recruitment system. This ensures applicants did not receive multiple offers during this process in SA. Currently we are still offering PGY2+ positions. 
SA MET website update
The new SA MET website went live on 19 January 2015. Our new website has a modern design and structure, and is available to view on mobile devices, including tablets. An online survey of the new website was completed in October 2015. We are pleased to report that the response was positive, please see the infograph below.

If you would like to make suggestions on what information we can include on our website or have general feedback, please contact SA MET through our online contact form.
Online Training and Information System (OTIS)
Over the last year, the Online Services team within SA MET have been working on improving the Online Training and Information System (OTIS) by implementing a new archiving feature. Looking forward, we plan to engage further with junior doctors in the online learning and assessment space, to improve the function of OTIS for junior doctors.
Quality Assurance of Training Settings (QATS)
In May 2015, Trainee Medical Officers (TMOs) from four Local Health Networks (LHNs) were invited to share their views on their educational environment through participating in an online survey for the Quality Assurance of Training Settings (QATS) project. Just over 250 Trainee Medical Officers provided responses anonymously.

The SA MET Unit staff have analysed the data collected and prepared a report of the findings. View the QATS report here.

The Quality Assurance of Training survey will be undertaken twice yearly from 2016.
Accreditation in 2015
The SA MET Unit accreditation team has been busy during 2015. This year, utilising the Revised Accreditation Standards, we completed the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) accreditation. In addition, we were in the country, at Whyalla Hospital accrediting PGY2+ rotations. A major focus in 2015 was preparing for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and the changes that will occur from Transforming Health. As a team, we are looking at streamlining our processes to ensure we manage this increased workload efficiently and in a timely manner.   

In 2016, the Accreditation Team will be facilitating two full Local Health Network (LHN) accreditations. The Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) will undergo accreditation in August and the Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN) in October. The accreditation process will commence early in the year, with dedicated Accreditation team members assisting the LHNs in preparing their submissions and ensuring the accreditation visit team is provided with comprehensive information to allow for informed accreditation decisions.  

Throughout 2016, accreditation will occur in preparation for the opening of the new RAH. The Accreditation Team is working closely with the new RAH Office and the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) medical education unit staff to ensure a streamlined and efficient process.

Transforming Health will see changes occur across all LHNs. The SA MET Unit is involved in several Transforming Health Committees ensuring that medical education and accreditation is considered during service planning and assisting the LHN staff where possible. 
From the Regional Training Manager
Ronda Bain, Regional Training Manager, SA MET Unit
This year has been a busy year. During 2015, I have been working with the Medical Education Units (MEUs) within each hospital to determine how SA MET can assist them in the delivery of training for junior medical officers.  As a result, two new half day training sessions were developed. These are the Managing Workplace Conflict and Managing Workplace Stress training sessions. This year over 100 junior doctors have attended these workshops with five training sessions delivered in the metropolitan area and one session delivered at Mt Gambier and Districts Health Service. The programs were delivered on site in the Local Health Networks (LHNs) and for the first time the training was delivered as multi-disciplinary training. The Preparing to Lead training is another full day training program which was recently trialled. This training was specifically designed for the PGY1 and PGY2 junior doctors to assist them in transitioning from the internship role.   

In addition, this year the SA MET Unit has delivered two Professional Development Program for Registrars (PDPR) workshops, with a total of 28 registrars attending these. The PDPR workshop is a national program designed to assist registrars improve their leadership and management performance in the workplace through a national training program.

Recently I attended a resilience training course and I am now accredited to deliver the PERMA+ (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment PLUS optimism, resilience, physical activity, nutrition and sleep) two day training.  A trial of this workshop will be delivered next year, from 10-11 March 2016 and will target Directors of Medical Services (DMS), Directors of Clinical Training (DCTs), Medical Education Officers (MEOs), supervisors and consultants. I will be delivering the PERMA+  workshop with Dr Jill Benson AO.

I can only imagine that 2016 will prove to be just as busy.  Should you have any ideas for further training or wish to discuss any ideas relating to education, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
2016 Multicultural Women's Leadership Course
Applications are now open for the 2016 Multicultural SA Women’s Leadership Course. The course aims to upskill women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are current or aspiring leaders or supervisors within their workplace or community organisation. 

Applications will be open until 23 January 2016. For more information or to apply, please visit or call (08) 8207 0751.
Upcoming workshops in 2016

Would you like to build resilience? Do you want to learn how to thrive in the face of adversity? The PERMA+ two day workshop is available for consultants, supervisors and registrars.
  • 10-11 March 2016
Visit the SA MET website for further information and to register your expression of interest!

Other workshops in 2016
Future workshops in 2016 will be scheduled soon, please check the SA MET website for further updates. 
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