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SA MET - South Australian Medical Education & Training
Presenting the Revised
SA MET Accreditation Standards

Issue 24 | September 2014

The revised South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) Accreditation Standards will take effect on 1 January, 2015.
The Standards have been developed from the 2010 SA IMET Accreditation Standards and have been mapped to the Australian Medical Council’s (AMC’s) National Standards for Intern Training published in 2013. While maintaining the ethos of the previous Accreditation Standards, the revised version is significantly different in structure and content.
Initial targeted consultation occurred from 9 December, 2013 until 10 January, 2014. The SA MET Unit consulted with a wide range of stakeholders, both locally and nationally, including the SA Board of the Medical Board of Australia and the SA Health Local Health Networks. The SA MET Accreditation Standards were amended based on stakeholder feedback.
On 27 May, 2014 the SA MET Health Advisory Council endorsed the revised SA MET Accreditation Standards to take effect on 1 January, 2015. Subsequently, the SA MET Accreditation Standards were endorsed by the Minister for Health on 23 July, 2014 and the AMC on 2 September, 2014.
These standards provide a framework for the education and training of prevocational trainee medical officers in South Australia. By meeting these standards, Local Health Networks demonstrate they provide safe and effective education programs for their trainee medical officers. The accreditation process will use evidence to test the extent to which health services meet these standards through document analysis, surveys and visits to the Local Health Networks.
The revised SA MET Accreditation Standards comprise the following:

  • Standard 1: Governance and Program Management
  • Standard 2: Monitoring, Evaluation and Continuous Improvement
  • Standards 3: Education, Training and Clinical Experience
  • Standard 4: Supervision
  • Standard 5: Assessment
  • Standard 6: Trainee Medical Officer Welfare

The revised SA MET Accreditation Standards are available on the SA MET website.

Intern and PGY2+ (RMO) Update
All category 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1 applicants have been offered a position. Offers have commenced to category 2.2 applicants and further offers will be made to this group if positions become available.

Offers will be made by email and applicants have 48 hours to accept or decline an offer. An offer will be automatically declined if a response is not received by the stated date and time. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging into your application.

For applicants who have been offered an internship in South Australia, it is anticipated that allocation to home hospitals will occur towards the end of September.

Training Program coordinators have access to applicants’ details and are in the process of shortlisting and ranking. Contact relevant program coordinators for details on selection criteria and interviews.

First round offers occur Friday 12 September 2014. Applicants have 48 hours to respond to their offer. An offer will automatically be declined if a response is not received by the stated date and time.

There are often more applicants than training positions available leaving a pool of unmatched applicants after the allocation process is complete. A complete list of unmatched candidates will be provided to the hospitals, to fill any vacancies that arise. Positions will be offered based on merit and training program requirements. Applicants will only receive one offer and if a position is declined they will be removed from the unmatched list.

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Coming Up

Next Step
Next Step is a workshop aimed at Registrars. It focuses on improving mental well-being and stress management through mindfulness. It also focuses on how to manage conflict situations through the use of assertive communication techniques.

This workshop is highly interactive and will be led by experienced consultants, skilled in mindfulness and conflict management. 

Course details
-15 September 2014

Register here.

Professional Development Program for Registrars
Registrars play a key role in the teaching, supervision and management of junior doctors. The Professional Development Program for Registrars (PDPR) is a two-day leadership program that covers topics including: effective teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and leadership and management capabilities.

Course details:
- 23-24 October 2014 - Limited places available!

Register here.

Cultural Safety Program
The Cultural Safety Program for Doctors will be held from 5pm-8.30pm on 11 September 2014 at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. SA doctors will participate in a training session, exploring their values and beliefs utilised within their own interactions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

Click here for more information.

Australian & New Zealand Medical Education & Training (ANZMET) Forum
ANZMET 2014 will incorporate the 2014 National Prevocational Medical Education Forum with speakers and participants from generalist and specialist medical training areas.

The Forum theme is Outcomes: Recipes for Success. For more information, click here.

Rough Medicine: Life and Death in the Age of Sail
Rough Medicine: Life & Death in the Age of Sail is a new exhibition at the South Australian Maritime Museum. The exhibition runs for 6 months and explores the fascinating history of how illness and disease shaped early sea voyages. Experience it for yourself at the SA Maritime Museum from 30 May–30 November 2014.

Click here for more information.

SA MET Unit Staff

A/Prof Alison Jones: Manager
Ronda Bain: Training Manager
Kate Morefield: Education and Evaluation
Colleen Cryans: Medical Workforce
Amanda Lawless: EA/Project Officer
Lana Poser: Admin Officer
Vanessa Heading: Senior Project Officer - Education and Accreditation
Libby Davidson: Accreditation
Reece Johnson: Accreditation
Carmen Crawford: Online Services Coordinator
Jenny Wilckens: TMO Coordinator
SA MET staff can be contacted by phone on 08 8226 7231 or by email.