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Serious Games Showcase & Challenge – Australia & New Zealand.

Simulation Australia and the Serious Games Consultancy, in association with the International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge present the second Simulation Australia Serious Games Showcase & Challenge – Australia & New Zealand at SimTecT and SimHealth 2013.


Serious Games for Serious Purposes

The purpose of the Simulation Australia Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C) – Australia & New Zealand is to promote our considerable and innovative development talent, and represent interactive serious game solutions nationally and internationally.

The Simulation Australia SGS&C was launched in 2012 to present and demonstrate the very best of the talent from Australia and New Zealand for developing games designed to deliver outcomes other than just pure entertainment, and it was the first time that this competition was run outside of the annual I/ITSEC International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge event.

This is a fantastic opportunity for national and international exposure, with the Grand Prize from each category automatically awarded a place at the International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Competition held at I/ITSEC, Orlando in December 2013.

Funds will be provided by Simulation Australia towards the trip to Orlando to represent both nations. It is a unique opportunity and one which proved to be highly beneficial to the Simlation Australia 2012 SGS&C winners, Student Entry Hazel Bradshaw from HIT Lab New Zealand, and Commercial Entry Media Saints.

The I/ITSEC experience was a wonderful opportunity to have my game and its design compete and be seen in such illustrious international company. The conference itself was held on a vast scale with an exhibition hall the size of a football field. The Serious Games Showcase and Challenge competitors received lots of visitors from many difference backgrounds from School kids to military personal to high level industry leaders. It proved great exposure for my continuing PhD research into serious game design and provided new industry contacts as well as some new friends.” – Hazel Bradshaw

For the purpose of the Simulation Australia SGS&C, entries will be considered a game if they involve an assigned challenge and employ some form of positive and/or negative reward system.

Entries will be considered a serious game if they use the gaming attributes described above to overcome a designated problem or deficiency, and provide appropriate feedback to the user about their efforts, particularly through collaboration with an expert agency with whom the problem or deficiency is being addressed. Entered games must target users at the high school level, at a minimum.

Finalists in the Simulation Australia SGS&C will be selected by a panel of leaders in the gaming, industry and academic fields, and will be invited to showcase their serious game at SimHealth and SimTecT 2013, where over 800 attendees will view and vote on each of the finalists. 

All entries will be judged by representatives in leading gaming, academic and industry companies in three primary areas:

  • Solution to a Stated Problem
  • Technical Quality
  • Playability/Usability

Simulation Australia SGS&C 2012 finalists at I/ITSEC, Orlando.

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