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2018 in Review

A Quick Look 
1. Selah turns 1 at the end of December and Sophia is turning 3 in mid January!
2. Watch Adam speak on The Power of Testimony at the Greater Peoria House of Prayer Here: His preaching starts at 46 minutes.
3. Year-End Giving 
4. Year in Review and Updates

A Season of Change and Transition
It’s hard to believe that it was one year ago when we decided to come back to Illinois. In that time we had a baby, moved and started a new ministry! I feel that we are getting settled into this new season of our lives. When people ask how the transition is going, I often say it is surreal. I lived in Kansas City for 8 years (Kelli 7 years), and it had become home to our family. We are thankful to be back for many reasons like our family being close, more friends being around and the proximity of many things. I think one of the difficulties has been to reconnect with people because of schedules and the busyness that life takes with naps, early bedtimes and the timelines that don't always go according to plan. If you live in Illinois and we have not seen you yet, we want to know that we hope to change that soon. Please be patient with us as we figure all of this out. I tell people we aren't crazy busy, we just have a haphazard schedule. We would love to get together with you, so please reach out so that we can get something on the books in the new year. 

Our Kansas City and Illinois homes below.

We had help from family updating our KC house as we readied it for sale. Our realtors made the process a breeze. We put our house on the market and left for Illinois to scope out potential homes. We had an two offers in 48 hours, with one being better than a full priced offer, and we were floored! One potential house in Morton was on our radar, so once we had an offer in KC we looked at it a second time and made an offer. We also had help in the packing and unpacking at both homes, which was truly a blessing. We have seen His provision and guidance throughout each step of the way.

We have had many ministry opportunities and events that we have spoken at since we have returned, and we are lining up events for 2019. Stay tuned as we lock down the dates and events that will be coming soon. 

Year End Giving Update

Around 50% of our current budget comes through monthly gifts. We have been able to supplement our budget through special gifts and year-end giving. We are believing God to raise $15,000 in special gifts before December 31st. These funds will be used to help balance out the end of 2018 and begin 2019 as we continue to raise our monthly support amount. If God puts it on your heart to partner with us, we will be honored and He will be glorified. 

You will be joining many others that partner financially to advance God’s Kingdom through evangelism, training and discipleship in the US and abroad. Every gift matters and we are thankful for each one of you that are joining us in God’s work! 

Please click the year-end picture above to partner with us financially or click the GIVING LINK HERE.

Family Corner

At the end of December Selah will already be turning one. Her mouth issues and feeding issues were relatively short-lived, and she was doing significantly better by month three. She is crawling, standing, pulling up and taking steps with help. She loves being entertained by Sophia and has 4 teeth. Sophia is going to be three in January, and oftentimes it is hard to believe how quickly the time is passing. She transferred to a big girl bed when we moved in June and is still fascinated with the moon and stars. Her main toys are dinosaurs, horses & dogs. We are thankful to watch our girls grow and develop, and we are thankful for all of you as you are a part of that journey with us. 

We are so grateful to all of you that are partnering with us in prayer and financial support. May the Lord pour out His joy and love upon you and your family!

In Christ, The Mosers

It would be our honor to pray for any needs that you have. How can we be praying for you? 

Our Prayer Requests
Please look below for our most recent prayer requests

  • Pray for the protection of our ministry, marriage and family as we have sensed the increase of the enemy’s attacks.
  • Pray for the Lord to give us the ability to develop healthy community & relationships with the people He places in our lives.
  • Pray for restful sleep for all 4 of us.
  • Pray for the Lord to open doors for opportunities & divine connections with our new ministry.  
  • Pray that our team of regular and monthly prayer and financial partners would grow as the Lord directs and provides for each person.
  • Pray for the favor, revelation, peace, provision, health and love of the Lord to be upon us and our families.
  • Pray for revelation, inspiration and timing as Kelli writes her books.
  • Pray for time management and wisdom as we work from home while raising our girls.
  • Pray that the Lord will help us to be gracious and patient with one another and our children.
  • Safety as we travel and minister in many different places.
  • Protection, growth and favor in our marriage and family.
  • Ask the Lord to guide Adam as he continues to disciple men and as he is also discipled.
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to teach us to hear His voice and follow. We want to live with excellence and obedience.
  • Pray for the Lord to help us use the skills we have been given to advance His Kingdom.
  • Pray for all of the aspects to come into place for the podcast we would like to do.

About Innovative Faith
Tagline: Making the Complex Simple and the Supernatural Natural

Vision Statement: Equipping individuals and churches with practical tools to experience the fullness of God through encounter, restoration, and authentic discipleship that produces lasting transformation. 

Our mission is to equip, restore, disciple and transform.

Training Mandates:
• Hearing God's Voice
• Destiny and Purpose
• Healing 
• The Adoption of Christ
• Biblical Stewardship
• Discipleship
• Worship

 Updated Giving Info:
Kelli and I are missionaries that raise our support just as the Apostle Paul modeled in
1 Corinthians 9:14, “The Lord ordered that those who preach the Good News should be supported by those who benefit from it.”

We have around 55% of our monthly support pledged for our family and our ministry expenses. 
Tax-deductible contributions can be made through Innovative Faith in multiple ways to help us advance God's Kingdom:


1. Click the donate picture above for all of the options. You can donate a special gift or set up recurring donations through electronic check, credit/debit card, electronic fund transfer, or even by phone. You simply put in your information and follow the instructions. Email me if you have any questions.
2. If you write a check, it is payable to Innovative Faith Ministries. You can put DONATION or the current month in the memo, but please DO NOT write our names in the memo. This is per IRS regulations.  The new mailing address is:
Innovative Faith Ministries
P.O Box 10
Morton, IL 61550

You can give non-cash donations as well. This includes vehicles, real estate, cell phones  and much more. Let us know if this is a way that you would like to partner with us in this way by emailing us or clicking the link above.
Perception Funding hosts our online fundraising efforts through a platform called Give.Transform. You can see their ministry on their website: Perception Funding.

About Plumbline Ministries

We also serve on as associates with Plumbline Ministries out of Kansas City. The name Plumbline comes from the idea of being balanced in the Word of God and the power of the Spirit. One of our key verses is Ephesians 4:12 because we have been called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Read more at
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Our Website
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IFM Facebook
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Plumbline's YouTube
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