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Five contemporary Australian artists working in glass
Kate Baker | Annette Blair | Alexandra Chambers | Dierdre Feeney | Harriet Schwarzrock
curated by Sandy Benjamin

Annette Blair I never Knew You 2010

Annette Blair I Never Knew You 2010

Dierdre Feeney Waiting for Rewind 2010

Dierdre Feeney Waiting for Rewind (2010)

Kate Baker Untitled (Hayley #2) 2010

Kate Baker Untitled (Hayley #2) (2010)

Alexandra Chambers Back in my day 2010

Alexandra Chambers Back in My Day (2010)

Harriet Schwarzrock Ice Blue Wall Sway 2010-2011

Harriet Schwarzrock Ice Blue Wall Sway (2010/11)


Glimpse is the first glass exhibition to be held at Chalk Horse Gallery in Sydney. It is a glimpse at the work of five contemporary Australian artists working in the medium of glass.
Chalk Horse is proud to present The Glass Art Show, an exciting exhibition showcasing the glass works of five very talented contemporary Australian artists. Each artist gives expression to her fully evolved creative vision with masterful technical skill, demonstrating the limitless sculptural potential of working with such a delicate yet somehow malleable art-making material. 
“Glimpse is an exhibition of the work of five female artists: it is not a feminist exhibition, nor a women’s exhibition, but the quality of work sought by was found in the work of these five women” curator Sandy Benjamin says.
To make an enquiry about available works please click here.
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