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The holidays: they should be renamed "insanity week" because everything from your inbox to your family goes nuts. 

Hey, Friend

So it's insanity week, am I right?

This is the week when your email inbox starts going insane—every business and every contact in the world starts sending you Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals, or every other deal under the sun.

Then, on top of all this, everyone is engaged in a mad flurry of sending emails or putting up out-of-office holiday responders to ping back and forth to each other in a never-ending loop.

Never mind the madness of travel, family, and more.

Happy Holidays, indeed.

This week, we wrote a few posts with our first-ever gift guides for toddlers (that aren't more toys), best ways to help new parents, and even a round-up of our favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday deals for parents and families.

But maybe more important, we wrote a post about how to ask your family not to send you gifts if you're overwhelmed by it all, and help with setting boundaries if you need them.

The holidays can be hard, so I want to share something my therapist just told me earlier this week: it's okay if you need to rely on your coping mechanisms. That's what they are there for—to cope.

Not every week is going to be our best week ever.

Maybe we're all going to let our kids watch more TV. Turn on the Disney or Pixar channel if we need to. Drink and eat food that makes us feel better (whatever that is for us individually). Go the the gym to work steam off, or take a step back and go for a walk to recalibrate.

Let's ask for more help. Let's say no if what we want to do is say no. When people don't listen to us, turn to a friend instead. All of our coping mechanisms are for just that: coping.

Being cooped up with family, or traveling long distances, or even traveling short distances with a toddler—it can be a lot. Take care of yourself, do your best, and if you need to text a business bestie or vent with a friend or pop into our Startup Pregnant group to ask for help, please do so. We're here for you if you want to buy an Instapot and a Roomba for the holiday deal extravaganza, or if you need to veg and binge listen to old episodes of the podcast.

Remember, no one on the internet is actually the Instagram version of themselves, and they most certainly are not as polished as their holiday photos. That family holiday photo was one brief fleeting moment trying to get everyone to smile facing the same direction. 

The rest is mostly madness.

Have a great week—come join us in the Facebook Group. 


PS: In December, we'll be opening up pre-season enrollment for The Wise Women's Council, our annual community mastermind. Watch your email inbox for our early enrollment window and make sure you apply to join us if you'd like to be a part of next year's crew.
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