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"What day is it? What time is it? Where am I?"

Hey, Friend

Do you know what day it is?

It's that mush time of year when nobody knows what day it is, when kids are out of school or daycare, and everyone's traveling and sharing colds. We all need more sleep, no one's getting enough of it, and we're sick of family members but in need of more community.

I hear you. I keep thinking it's the 30th but actually today is New Year's Eve and I can't seem to remember for the life of me. I'm not staying up. We're celebrating London time—kids will be in bed by 7pm and I am going to kick off the new year by crawling into bed at 8pm. Because whyyyyy.

So, if you can't remember what day it is either, join me for a planning session this week. I've got a course in getting your head back on and it's all self-guided and will be recorded if you want to do it on your own time. 

Your Year In Review

Get clear on the past year + get ready for the year ahead

Join me for a three part workshop with a guided playlist + my favorite questions to reflect on the year we just had. Each time I do it, I surprise myself—and I think you will, too! So much growth happens each year. Then, after we reflect on the year we had, I'll take you through how to plan for the upcoming quarter. 

Come join to get clear on the new year and try to get your brain back in order, I'm teaching a workshop to do your own annual reflection and plan ahead for the new year. The entire course is recorded and on-demand, and I'm also hosting an extra live session to hang out with you all on January 2nd.

As an end-of-year gift to all of you, I'm making it available at pay-what-you-can options: 

$47 — scholarship price
$97—come join the workshop
$197—gift the workshop to another student

The workshop is normally $197. You can purchase at the right level for you. For everyone that joins at full price, I'll gift a spot to another student.

And a few more reminders for the end of the year as the calendar flips over to January

You're doing more than enough.

You don't need to add more to your plate, accomplish anything else, or push harder to succeed. You're amazing, just as you are, and you are doing a lot.

You don't have to do things the way they've always been done.

In fact, more than ever, I don't think it's possible to keep doing things the way they are and find a way to change. We need to change the way we live if we want to get out of the ways we're stuck.

Some thoughts on what this means, in reality: buy a smaller house, not a bigger house. Move in with friends. Demand change at the congressional level. Change the way you do business, and who you hire. Enable flexibility at work, and if it doesn't exist, start a business. Create a new world of work. Advocate for paid leave and women's labor as no longer free. Let go of the ideal worker as the goal—for anyone. Remember that more women than ever in history are not having children, and the "conventional family" is no longer the norm. Single women and parents are everywhere. We can't lean on convention if convention doesn't work—or doesn't exist.

You can go to bed at 7:30pm. You can quite alcohol or social media (you'd be surprised the number of moms who tell me they quit one or both when they become parents). You can let go of family members if you need to.

You don't have to do what other families are doing if it doesn't work for you. You're also an important part of the equation—you don't have to be subsumed or consumed by everyone else's needs. You can say no.

You don't always need a massive plan for the year ahead.

Full transparency: I did not do any form of review last year, because our baby boy joined us in October and doing holiday cards, reviews, and anything else was usurped by breastfeeding, managing a toddler, and getting through winter. Feel free to skip this year if what you need is more sleep.

Consider this your permission slip to opt out of any planning nonsense if you aren't ready for it. You can always start your year in March if that makes more sense for you. Every day is a chance to start again when you're ready. 

Take the pressure off. Maybe this is a year for recovery or sleep. It doesn't all have to happen right away.

— Sarah Peck
Executive Director
Startup Pregnant

PS: If you want to join me for the workshop, it's not about making a massive plan for the year. It's about doing less, simplifying, and being real with where you are, right now. I'm always scared of doing a review and then so thankful that I've done it. If it's useful to you, I hope it makes you feel like you can exhale and breath a little easier as we head into 2020. 
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