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Not everyone has exactly nine months to plan ahead and prepare for motherhood — sometimes it can happen overnight, and other times it can take years.


The process of adopting a child can be long, laborious and fraught with uncertainty. You never know when you’ll get the call or how long it will take, or when you might become a parent. For Priti Krishtel, she got the call late one night that her kid was here, and she jumped on a plane to be at the hospital on the other side of the country just 24 hours later.

On the podcast, we talk to Priti about her journey to parenthood, and her thoughts about becoming a mother, and how she felt about parenthood in her twenties and thirties.

For a long time, she wondered if it was in the cards and whether or not motherhood was right for her. When she met her partner in her late 30s, she tells us how it was early on that he brought up adoption and kids. She was thrilled to find someone on the same page as her.

"I’m 41. When I was in my 20s I thought that I wanted to become a mother someday, and in my 30s I really went back and forth about whether it was going to be the right choice for me."

In today’s show, we hear the story about how she took a sudden, short leave from her company to welcome her child to her family, and how her company rallied behind her throughout the process.

We’ll hear about her process of adoption, how becoming a parent influenced her work, and how her work changed in becoming a parent.

She shares the story of how she and her partner decided on adoption, and what happened when they suddenly brought their baby home. "I was publicly at the height of my career and my role as executive director of a nonprofit. I was busier than I had ever been. I was managing a larger team than I had ever managed," she shared with me. So, her husband started the first shift.

"When our son joined our family, my husband said, 'I got this. I love newborn babies. This would be my dream to be his primary care giver in the first several months.'"

Her husband spent the first 3 to 6 months of their son’s life with him. He was doing the skin on skin and the feeds and waking up at night. She was working. Then, she took leave later, when he was a little older.

Listen to her parenting journey, her work story, and how they decided to figure out childcare together on the latest episode of the podcast.

Listen to Episode #136 here.

— Sarah Peck
Executive Director
Startup Pregnant

PS: Priti just did a TED talk for TEDWomen2019 and was featured on the home page of the TED website—take a listen to her work if you'd like to learn more about her research and company focused on changing the way medicines are priced and blocked for so many people: Why Drug Prices Are So High — The Outdated Patent System
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