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Becoming A Parent: Of Course You’re Going To Change

Everyone tells women to bounce back after having a kid. Like, don't change—don't do anything except, of course, become a mom and be a mother 100% and love your kids and leave work because, obviously, you'll leave work and you won't be the same. Except also, don't change. WTF?

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Career Twists and Turns: Unconventional Career Paths — Episode #134

When your career takes a sudden twist, what do you do? Today we tell two stories around career pivots: Brea, who found herself pregnant and unemployed—so she started a consulting practice while in her third trimester. And Tara, who left the work world to raise kids and then, eight years later, wanted to return to work. How did they do it? Here’s what it looked like.

The post Career Twists and Turns: Unconventional Career Paths — Episode #134 appeared first on Startup Pregnant.


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