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Entrepreneurship and parenting can be lonely and isolating.

I talk to so many parents, and many of them—especially in the year or two after having a kid—say similar things to me:

"My friends who don't have kids don't always get it."

"Everything is all logistics now—I miss deep conversations."

"But I'm so freaking tired, who has the time?"

"I REALLY want to meet other women entrepreneurs who are doing this."

"Every time I make a plan to see my girlfriends, I'm either so freaking tired at the end of the day, or I need to run to daycare early, or I have to put out a business fire, or my partner's working late and we couldn't make it."

It's madness. Believe me, I know.

That's why one of the primary things I'm building first with Startup Pregnant is community.

Our community of amazing listeners.Our ask-me-anything sessions on the podcast. Our private online group on Facebook. The nine-month mastermind to go deep with other women.

And next year, a retreat.

A place to put down the diapers, to step back from the routine, to take a hot minute and use your daytime hours to sink into the sand, the water, and sit by the fire pit and talk for hours with other women.

Talking to other women fills my soul. It's the vitamin I didn't know I needed, and the antidote to my insecurities, my fears, and my worries about business. 

Women helping other women—and being in community with other women—is part of what's going to change the fabric of how we show up in the world. We're going to build businesses differently because we're going to be texting each other to figure out HR problems and supporting each other and ON EACH OTHER'S BOARDS AND THEN BE THE BOSSES OF THE BIGGEST, BEST, BADDEST BUSINESSES AROUND.

[Picture me with a megaphone on the beach, light jacket on, wind whipping my hair up as we get amped up about the future of work. And then we get to work building it.]

That's why we're hosting a retreat on the sandy beaches in Florida for a small group of women.

We'll join together January 16th-19th, 2020—kick off the year strong, go deep in conversation with all of us, and tell us about your journey and what you're building or thinking about.

If you want to join us, all the details and more are in this document.

There is a short application to apply to join us, so I can get to know you better (and it helps me design an even better event).

As our first-ever event, there's a catch, though—we need to gather enough interest to make sure the event is possible. We need 10 early-bird signups to make this happen.

If you want in, fill out the application by October 30th, 2019 to tell me that you want in and want to join us.

As a bonus, I'm offering early-bird pricing for the first ten people to sign up. We have a room block rate and can offer $250 savings for anyone who applies and submits a deposit by October 30th, 2019. 

Thanks again to everyone who has been asking me all year to do this.

I would LOVE to meet you all—as many of you as I can!—and spend time deep in conversation and connection to start the new year. 

Apply here to join us at the retreat.


— Sarah Peck
Executive Director
Startup Pregnant

PS: In order to make this retreat happen—to bring it to reality—we need ten women to sign up by October 30th, 2019 for us to be able to block the rooms and hold the space for the event to happen.

If you're excited to kick off the new year with cozy conversations, fire-pits, dinner gatherings, walking the beaches, staying up late to catch up with everyone, and nourishing your soul with new friendships.... get an application in, join us in January!

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The Wise Women's Council

Need a place to talk to other smart, curious women about all things life, parenting, and business? Our community mastermind starts in March every year. Applications will open in January. Take a look and plan ahead now if it's something you want to join. You do not have to be an entrepreneur or a parent yet to join—you can still be a part of the tribe. This is what I wish I had long before I started down this path. Check out what we're building.

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