Strategic changes are underway as Greenway develops new opportunities.
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Greenway Approach

We aren't letting grass grow underneath us.

Sometimes, changes are made organically as you adapt to the world around you. But other times, you make intentional, targeted changes because you realize you are in a position to take advantage of new opportunities that really interest you and inspire your team.

For us, the outcomes of our own recent strategic planning effort have been compelling. Being forced to reflect on what the company stands for, what it provides and where it’s headed became much more than a philosophical journey. 

In it, we realized we don’t just offer services: we provide leadership, expertise, and partnership focused on five key areas of Community Facilities, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Local Business.

We determined that we have certain competencies that we want to carry forward, and others that we want to develop and expand. We also identified some (ok, several) foundational elements that we need to hone in order to support the changes we are making to our business. 

These outcomes were valuable to us as we entered our 7th year of operation, but most of you are probably more interested in the direction we are aiming our compass. Greenway Compass

We – our leadership and staff – are energized around pursuing some new opportunities.

Pairing projects with innovative financing approaches

Taking ownership stakes in projects we develop

Enabling our community to increase its investment in the projects it wants to see happen

To accomplish these things, we’ve definitely embarked on a growth path. We’ve recently been joined by a few new staff, hosted a student intern this summer, and have plans to add a few more key members to our team this year. We’ve also expanded our footprint (though not our carbon one): we now occupy most of the former Link common space and offices. Despite these changes, we’re working diligently to be sure Greenway continues to be a great place to work and an invaluable project partner. 

the Link is Dead

The Link opened its doors in 2012 aspiring to support the region’s entrepreneurs with collaborative work space, networking events and workshops, and access to mentors. We thought it had the makings of a successful shared work space.

There was lots of energy and enthusiastic clamor around it in the first year. We built a great network, had some successes and lessons learned, and did a lot to both generate and meet demand.

But, the initial spark waned, and as Greenway grew in other ways, it gradually became a distraction that didn’t produce enough return on effort or generate desired results.

While the building ownership kept the shared work space offering alive, with Greenway's recent expansion and other building tenants requesting larger spaces, another transition is afoot.

We are grateful to all who helped us build and launch the Link - it was a great experiment. And now, we are moving on.  


Those who were familiar with the Link will find a kindred startup has recently opened its doors in Eureka. According to its “motley crew of designers, software developers, digital marketers and other professionals,” Firework is “a coworking hub for Humboldt County's startups & creative professionals.”

We’re glad to see a space open up that can continue to serve the region’s small and young businesses. If you're looking for the kinds of services previously provided by the Link, check out Firework at 325 2nd Street, Suite 201 in Old Town Eureka.

Books We’re Reading

New Additions to the Team

Nathan Sanger

Nathan Sanger

Nathan is a professional engineer specializing in sustainable design, including green site development, clean water development and delivery, and contaminated site clean up. He has joined our engineering team with an enthusiasm for contributing valuable and viable solutions to community problems. He hit the ground running when he started in May, plugging in to Prop 39 projects, civil design work and groundwater sampling.
Jenna Akers

Jenna Akers

Jenna joined us in May to support Greenway's operations and projects. As Project Coordinator, she organizes information and conducts research & analysis across a wide range of subjects, making use of her background in marketing, design, and office and event management. She is currently putting her skills to work developing information management tools and refocusing Greenway’s marketing efforts.


Ben Marshall

Ben is a student in Humboldt State’s Environmental Resources Engineering program who is interning with our engineering team this summer. He brings an interest in water and wastewater, but has adeptly plugged in to a vital support role for our energy management work. Ben will return to HSU this fall to continue his studies.
Jenna Akers

Kathy Moxon

Kathy joins Greenway's team this month to help us develop our Capital offerings. With an extensive background in the banking and finance industry, and a passion for community investing and regional economic development, Kathy is an ideal person to manage the complex task of co-developing this new business model. 


Erin Ponte

Erin will begin working with the Greenway team this August. Originally from Humboldt County, she returns with the training and experience that will bolster our design and construction management offerings. With 10 years of experience in landscape architecture, Erin will enable us to expand our work in natural resources restoration, low-impact development, stormwater management and much more.
Not a Robot.

Other Movers & Shakers

We're building our team with people who are...
 innovative, divergent thinkers.
 technical leaders and solid supporters driven to climb a steep learning curve.
 excited to be part of growing a company.
 enthusiastic contributors to our culture. 
 committed to improving community resilience: economic, social, and environmental.
“Strategy is a commodity, execution is art.”
Peter Drucker
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