Vital Projects Update: Tram Stop and Conference Center Kitchen 

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As many of you know, MorningStar has spent the last eight years restoring the Heritage Grand Hotel and Conference Center. By the contributions of our Partners, hard work, and God’s grace it has again become a center for the Body of Christ to come commune with the Lord and one another. These grounds are once again drawing thousands of people a year, and everyone seems to sense something remarkable happening. We receive constant reports of the Lord changing lives through our conferences, schools, services, and other ministries, or just coming here to meet with Him. This property that was once an embarrassment to the Kingdom has become a worldwide symbol of God’s power of redemption and restoration. It now seems possible that the latter glory of this house could surpass the former glory.

Now we are coming to the final phase of restoration to our Heritage campus: the Heritage Tram Stop and the Conference Center Kitchen. During the peak years of PTL, the Tram Stop served as the connecting point for the entire ministry. We are now undertaking the transformation of this unique structure into the place of interchange and connection to God as a place of continuous intercession and worship to the Lord. With its scenic view of Heritage Lake, and large portico and deck stretching out over the water, the Tram Stop will also become a place for fellowship, small ministry gatherings, prayer times, and celebrations such as weddings. We know prophetically that it will be a place of great joy being released.

Equally important, the Conference Center Kitchen within our Heritage facilities was at one point the world record holder as the restaurant serving the most people within a 24-hour period. This is the last remaining unrestored area of the 500,000 square foot Heritage Grand Hotel and Conference Center. It is a basic goal that we have as a ministry to do the most we can with what we are entrusted with. We were given estimates of nearly a half-million dollars to bring this back on line, but now have a plan to do it for about $85,000. We are expecting to finish both of these projects for $300,000.

Having the kitchen restored will likely pay for itself quickly, as well as have a much better place for our schools, Heritage Community, and church and conference attendees to enjoy their meals and have fellowship. As we prepare for the greatest harvest the world has ever seen, we know that our facilities need to be ready to accommodate and feed thousands. Scripture shows that mealtime fellowship and the “breaking of bread” between believers is very dear to the heart of the Lord.

Scripture also reveals how dear those are who give themselves to restoration as we see in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah. Everyone who was a part of taking that which was bringing a reproach to God and His people and restoring it were not just commended by the Lord, but given a memorial that will last forever as their names are all listed in canon Scripture. This is why we have built a “Nehemiah’s Wall” at HIM, and you see the plaques on the rooms of those who gave toward their restoration.

Now we are near the end of the project. Please consider sowing a seed into the restoration of the Tram Stop and Conference Center Kitchen. Your donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Our plans are in place and construction is ready to begin. The entire restoration of both facilities will only take $300,000.

Please use the enclosed envelope for your tax-deductible donation, or call us at 803-547-8495. You may also donate online at As many of you in the past have donated vehicles, assets, properties, or stocks, even furniture, we will again gladly receive these gifts with appreciation. If you have any questions, you can call us at the number above. Thank you again for your great generosity and faithfulness.

In His Service,

Rick Joyner                                                           
President, MorningStar Ministries        
Dave Yarnes
Vice President, MorningStar Ministries         

P.S. – This may be your last opportunity to sow directly into the restoration of these historic facilities, so now is the time to act if you want to be counted with us in this.

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