Certified farmed tilapia is a taste of what’s to come

Seafood farms in Indonesia belonging to Regal Springs are the first to have their production of farmed tilapia certified under the new Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standard for responsibly farmed tilapia. More tilapia farms in Honduras, Taiwan, Ecuador and Malaysia have all formally announced that they will be audited; and following a positive outcome, the supply of certified ASC products will substantially increase. READ MORE

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M/Y Navorca’s Crew + Gregg Yan

Oceans Seven

Gregg Yan, Communications & Media Manager, WWF-Philippines Gregg Yan recently joined the crew of M/Y Navorca, WWF-Philippines' premier research vessel, sail the Sulu Sea. So what’s life like for the crew behind WWF’s sole floating office in the Philippines? Landlubbers, let’s find out. READ MORE

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PES Poster

Payment for Ecosystem Services: An Accountability Framework to Improve Marine Fisheries?

Katherine Short has been exploring whether experience from terrestrial examples of Payment for Ecosystem Services projects can be used to strengthen our efforts to improve marine fisheries with a focus on tropical tuna fisheries.  She presented her current findings in a poster at the PES Partnership Conference, Oregon. READ MORE

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A fisherman of Macuata

Financing oceans for the future

The 6 nations of the Coral Triangle Initiative launched the State of the Coral Triangle Reports on July 7, 2012 at a side event at the 12th ICRS in Cairns, Australia. The reports serve as a baseline in mapping the geography, biodiversity and ecosystem values of the Coral Triangle’s marine and coastal ecosystems. READ MORE

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Lida Pet-Soede
VIEWPOINT - Lida Pet-Soede, Coral Triangle Programme Leader

A nature adventure from a comfortable lazy chair

As a Dutch audience is mesmerized by a sweeping audiovisual show on the Coral Triangle, Lida reflects on people's willingness to be surprised and to learn things about the natural world - and that gives her reason for hope for the Coral Triangle. READ MORE

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Jose Ingles
REACTION- Jose Ingles, Tuna Strategy Leader

Defining juvenile tuna: Why size matters

Fish aggregating devices have a tendency to catch higher rates of juvenile yellowfin & bigeye tunas as bycatch of tuna purse seine fishing. But what exactly do we mean by juvenile tuna & why is it critical that we set a policy to properly define them? READ MORE

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Seremaia Tuqiri
REACTION- Seremaia Tuqiri, Fisheries Policy Officer, WWF SPPO

Sustainable Seafood Series - Whose Role is it to Promote Sustainable Seafood?

What is sustainable seafood? And whose role is it to promote sustainable seafood? Seremaia Tuqiri looks at some fundamental aspects of sustainable seafood, and what role we can play in promoting it. READ MORE

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24-28 SEPTEMBER 2012

ADB CTI Southeast Asia Inception Workshop in Indonesia

1-5 OCTOBER 2012

ADB CTI Southeast Asia Inception Workshop in the Philippines


Tuna Education Series: Sustainable Seafood Stories from the Pacific




Ecosystem-based Management in the Bird's Head Seascape Indonesia


The miraculous & perilous journey of sea turtles from eggs to adulthood.


William Winram shared his personal encounter with & conservation message about the sharks on TEDx WWF, Singapore

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