Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum 2013

‘Blue Economy’ Steals the Show at Coral Triangle Business Forum

Ever heard of the Blue Economy? Sound like another fad? Then think again. Last March, business and thought leaders, conservationists and other individuals gathered in sunny Bali during the 3rd Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum to hear about exciting new approaches that marry development and sustainability, use what is available, and leave zero waste. That is the essence of the Blue Economy, and it's already happening. During the event, companies from the seafood, tourism, shipping, and telecommunications sectors were recognized for their environmentally-responsible business practices. READ MORE

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Fisherman's morning fish catch to be cleaned and salted for longer storage. Anano Island. Wakatobi, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. 7 November 2009

Blue Economy – Which hue for the Coral Triangle?

“Blue economy,” “green economy,” “green economy in a blue world,” are terminologies we’ve all heard for a number of years now, but can we define them? In a discussion paper released in the lead up to the Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum, Jackie Thomas and Lida Pet-Soede explore what they feel are some of the key issues that governments, the private sector, communities, NGOs, and other stakeholders need to consider in promoting new economic models in the Coral Triangle region.  DOWNLOAD REPORT

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Liane Stella Candelario

Saving Boracay & other stories: Coral Triangle Youth and Journalist Writing Competition gets minds whirring

"Welcome to the Coral Triangle... where nature becomes a driving force of economic growth, tourists are of the millions in annual reports, and the locals are converted into agents of an ever-booming tourism industry." So goes the opening paragraph of this year's winner of this region-wide writing competition, which was aimed at university students and practicing journalists in the Coral Triangle. The organizers received more than 20 essays for the youth division and 16 published articles for the journalist division, each one providing ideas to implement a Blue Economy in the Coral Triangle. READ MORE | READ THE WINNING ENTRY

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Dr Jose Ingles

VIDEO: Behind the scenes of our tuna tagging project

Logging hundreds of hours at sea to catch tuna is the lot of millions of people in the Coral Triangle. Except WWF's "Jingles" is doing it for entirely different reasons. Discover how WWF works with the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to gather urgently-needed data on the movements of yellowfin tuna and to identify key spawning, feeding, and nursery grounds of this commercially-valuable species. WATCH

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Lida Pet-Soede

Leadership, initiative and vision: making sustainable development in the Coral Triangle happen

When Walmart made the decision to source sustainable seafood, the commitment rippled across the Coral Triangle as thousands of suppliers moved onto a sustainable fisheries path. For WWF Coral Triangle programme Leader Dr Lida Pet-Soede, this and other developments underline the need for strong leadership, initiative and vision in utilising partnership, and scaling up good practices in ensuring the sustainability of natural resources in the Coral Triangle region. READ MORE

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What if Conservation Were the Default for the Ocean?

What if you woke up one day and all the oceans were protected? If that were to happen, what would the marine-based economies, livelihoods, and conservation work throughout the Coral Triangle look like? Lida flips the problem and brings a new angle to an old debate surrounding MPAs, equity and oceans governance generally.

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Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli, a Spate of Ground-breaking Ideas for a Blue Economy

One of the most thought-provoking  minds on a sustainable future, Gunter Pauli is the author of The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs. Gunter speaks to WWF about Blue Economy during the 3rd Coral Triangle Regional Business Summit in Bali, Indonesia. READ MORE

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Jose Ingles
REACTION - Jose "Jingles" Ingles, WWF Coral Triangle Strategy Leader

Baits, Squids, Tuna and Me: Life on a Tuna Fishing Boat

"When my friends learned that I was going out to sea to tag tunas, everyone was envious, imagining that I will be in clear blue skies, crystal clear ocean waters, watching sunsets with a beer in hand." In reality, things are a little different for Jingles. Hop on board with him to find out about the dangers of tuna fishing and the downsides of squid as baitfish

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10-12 April 2013

CTI-CFF Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group Meeting
Manila, Philippines

16-17 April 2013

CTI-CFF Seascapes Working Group Meeting
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

22 April 2013

Earth Day

Can Cooperative Management of Tuna Fisheries in the Pacific Solve the Growth Overfishing Problem?
Megan Bailey, et. al.


Activity Report: Live Reef Food Fish Trade Intergovernmental Forum


Business Risk Assessment and the Management of Climate Impacts
WWF and Bank of the Philippine Islands


Rod Salm shares the story of one of what might have been the world's world’s largest living table coral in The Life and Death of a Majestic Old Coral


Great Sea Reef Photo Blog - get to see the photos on our Great Sea Reef of Fiji.


Dive with WWF / Freund Factory Expedition, an 18-month photojournalistic journey to investigate the connectivity between the wildlife and peoples of the region.

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