The 3rd Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum

The 3rd Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum set in March in Bali, Indonesia

Now on its 3rd year, the Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum is hosted by the Government of Indonesia on 24-26 March 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. Carrying the theme “A Marriage of Profit and Sustainability”, this forum will once again provide a venue for business and industry leaders from around the region and other parts of the globe to come together to develop innovative business solutions that are both economically profitable and environmentally sustainable and to help create a thriving and bustling Blue Economy for the Coral Triangle region. READ MORE

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Intergovernmental cooperation crucial for sustainable seafood in the Coral Triangle

WWF commends the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) for taking a lead role in convening a crucial intergovernmental meeting between the six governments of the Coral Triangle, to discuss regional cooperation for managing the live reef food fish trade - one of the most lucrative and yet environmentally-problematic industries in the region. READ MORE

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Tuna being tagged with a pop-up satellite tag off the coast of Mindoro, in the Philippines.

WWF follows tuna in the Coral Triangle

WWF and the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) have embarked on a tuna tagging project in Coral Triangle waters to gather more data on the movements, key spawning, feeding, and nursery grounds of the yellow-fin tuna. Sixteen pop-up satellite tags will be deployed throughout the duration of this activity. READ MOREFOLLOW THE BLOG

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The WWF team and members of the press pay a courtesy visit to Quezon Palawan LGU

How one microgiving campaign produced macro results

In the Philippines, where recent storms have left thousands of Filipinos without a home, the call to shift toward sustainability is stronger than ever. The ‘Finding and Funding Ways for the Environment’ partnership between WWF and Banco De Oro Unibank invite BDO ATM cardholders to voluntarily donate P5 to WWF after each transaction, attesting to the fact that little things do matter in the long run. READ MORE

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Overfishing in Indonesia? What do you mean: I don’t see any fishers!

To the casual observer, it may look like not much is happening at sea in eastern Indonesia, so how come the big fish seem to have disappeared? In this National Geographic blog, Lida stresses the urgent need for better regulation of fishers in the coastal zone, pointing to how deceptive the word “small-scale” is for this huge coastal inshore fishery management challenge. READ MORE

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Tinho Pereira Goncalves

Fresh from his experience in Berau's (East Kalimantan) aquaculture sector with the help of WWF, Tinho talks about the skills he has learned and his plans for sustainable aquaculture in his native Timor Leste. READ MORE

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Jose Ingles
REACTION - Jose "Jingles" Ingles, WWF Coral Triangle Strategy Leader

Philippines' Deadliest Catch

After typhoon BOPHA hit Mindanao last December, 218 crewmembers of two fishing fleets were among the missing. Dr Jose Ingles details the factors that lead to the tragedy, and what should be done about it. READ MORE

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Lida Pet-Soede
VIEWPOINT - Lida Pet-Soede, Coral Triangle Programme Leader

Are we gathering the right data (or how to stop searching for more when the answers are right in front of us)

Lack of solid data on the state of ecosystems has often been used as an excuse for non-intervention, or to support detrimental solutions. Lida argues we need another approach--focusing on monitoring people’s activities instead, which is more practical for monitoring and for follow up actions by decision-makers. READ MORE

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Institutional entrepreneurs, global networks,and the emergence of international institutions for ecosystem-based management: The Coral Triangle Initiative
Franciska Rosen, Per Olsson


Patterns and Dynamics of Bêche-de-mer (Sea Cucumber) Trade in Hong Kong and Mainland China: Implications for Monitoring and Management (Page 65)
Allen W.L. To and Stanley K.H. Shea


WWF Singapore Conservation on the Move Programme


Currents: WWF-Malaysia Marine Programme Newsletter Oct - Dec 2012


VIDEO: This video shows the two faces of Fish Aggregating Devices: how they are good when used by traditional hook and line and how they are destructive when used by industrial fleets and why they need to be regulated.

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