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Network launched to promote sustainability of seafood in Asia-Pacific

With increasing concern for seafood security across Asia-Pacific and growing potential for a seafood crisis, WWF has launched a network aimed at advancing sustainability in the seafood industry. The Asia-Pacific Sustainable Seafood and Trade Network is a WWF-led business-to-business partnership of key players in the seafood industry who are committed to attaining and championing sustainable fisheries and seafood trade. READ MORE

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Local citizens were encouraged to make a pledge to protect marine turtles, not to catch marine turtles, produce or trade marine turtle products

Raising awareness on marine turtle conservation in Hainan, China

TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, and partners, hosted a marine turtle advocacy event called “Ocean, Home of Love” last December, to highlight the problems caused by overfishing and harvesting of marine turtles and other endangered marine species. READ MORE

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Yellowfin Tuna

Fiji achieves first certified sustainable tuna fishery

The Fiji Albacore Tuna Longline Fishery has become the first in Fiji to achieve Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, an environmental standard to identify sustainable fisheries. This achievement promotes a future for tuna in the region, bringing major benefits to the fishing industry, and will result in positive impacts for consumers worldwide. READ MORE

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Fishermen Ruben Botalon (right) and son Rico

Fishing for their future

In the face of large-scale commercial fishing and depleted stocks, the handline tuna fishermen of Lagonoy Bay in the Philippines can still dream of a better life, thanks to institutionalized support for their traditional ways. READ MORE

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Lida Pet-Soede
VIEWPOINT - Lida Pet-Soede, Coral Triangle Programme Leader

Looking ahead to a busy year

"At the end of the year one often looks back. This time, I want to look ahead," says Lida, before giving us a an early taste of what we can expect from the WWF Coral Triangle programme in 2013. 

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Dougals Seifert
EXPERT OPINION - Douglas Seifert, World Editor, Dive Magazine

A writer's perspective

Dive Magazine editor Douglas Seifert began swimming at the tender age of 2, and has not looked back since. Read his heartfelt observations on what we are really losing along with the marine world, the difficulty of reaching an increasingly attention-challenged public, and his favourite spots in the Coral Triangle. READ MORE

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Anton W
REACTION - Anton Wijonarno, Marine Biodiversity and Programme Monitoring Manager, WWF-Indonesia

When NGOs Invest Long-term in an MPA’s Management

Anton highlighted the productive partnership and stabilizing influence of NGOs (e.g. WWF and TNC) during the administrative transition of the Wakatobi National Park as a Marine Protected Areas. READ MORE

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16-17 January 2013

CTI-CFF Partners Meeting, Bali

31 January - 1 February 2013

CTI-CFF Live Reef Fish Trade Intergovernmental Forum

18-19 February 2013

Seascapes Working Group Meeting


Blue Carbon: A new concept for reducing the impacts of climate change by conserving coastal ecosystems in the Coral Triangle
Anissa Lawrence, TierraMar Consulting, for WWF


Global analysis of satellite tracking data shows that adult green turtles are significantly aggregated in Marine Protected Areas

Rebecca Scott, et. al. ABSTRACT & DOWNLOAD

WWF's Helen Fox is working to protect marine resources for generations to come.


VIDEO: Making Everyday Wildlife Conservation Day. 


VIDEO: Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) and their usage.

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