Tuna Animation

WWF Illustrates Tuna Fishing Problem in the Coral Triangle through Animation

WWF has developed a visually engaging animation clip depicting the problem of juvenile tuna fishing—one of the many issues plaguing tuna fisheries in the Coral Triangle region. Protecting the Nursery of the Seas a 3-minute animated video, clearly outlines the difficult plight of local fishers in the Coral Triangle, why they resort to fishing juvenile tuna species, and how the benefits of tuna fishing—a multi-million dollar global fishing industry—should be channeled back to the Coral Triangle to protect this valuable nursery of the seas. READ MORE

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VIPs tasting farmed fish cooked sustainably, as an alternative to wild-caught reef fish

Chefs come together to support sustainable seafood consumption

WWF-Malaysia recently launched its Live Reef Fish Consumer Campaign at First Beach Tanjung Aru and invited chefs from participating outlets to cook and serve farmed fish. WWF-Malaysia also premiered the “Consumers Help To Save Live Reef Fish” video that highlights a shift to aquaculture-based sources of reef fish to reduce pressures on wild stocks. READ MORE

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Sharks fins laid out on the streets to dry and for trimming and cleaning before selling. Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Poor fisheries management endangers sharks in the Coral Triangle

 WWF and TRAFFIC recently released a new report that shows the need for a more concerted effort in managing shark fisheries in the Coral Triangle, to help conserve dwindling populations of these threatened species. The report, An Overview of Shark Utilization in the Coral Triangle Region, examines the catch, trade, and management of sharks in waters of the six Coral Triangle countries. READ MORE

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A fisherman of Macuata

WWF calls for moratoria on trade and consumption of humphead wrasse in the Coral Triangle

WWF launched a report revealing legal and policy gaps in the trade of live reef fish in the Coral Triangle, highlighting the urgent need for a comprehensive management framework—starting with a moratoria on humphead wrasse—to help address threats to the region’s dwindling seafood supply. The report examines the legal and policy framework for the live reef food fish trade (LRFFT) in Coral Triangle countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and East Timor. READ MORE

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Lida Pet-Soede
VIEWPOINT - Lida Pet-Soede, Coral Triangle Programme Leader

The cruelty and illegality of killing sharks for fins

This month Lida took on shark-finning in Indonesia, the biggest shark-catching country in the world according to wildlife monitoring group TRAFFIC. Lida discussed the role of sharks in the food chain, the local law, and the way forward. READ MORE

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Yvonne Sadovy
EXPERT OPINION - Yvonne Sadovy

The Magic of the Wrasse: Yvonne Sadovy on Marine Conservation and why there is reason for hope 

Yvonne shared her fascination with napoleon wrasse, changing seafood consumption traditions in China and SE Asia, helping governments craft more sustainable regulations, and what it takes to branch out into "popular media". READ MORE

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18 - 19 October 2012

ADB CTI Southeast Asia Regional Inception Workshop

22 - 26 October 2012

Regional State of the Coral Triangle Report and CTI-CFF MEWG Meeting

23 - 26 October 2012

Global Environment Facility and CTI-CFF Meeting
Manila, Philippines


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