Who knew Monday morning didn't have to be something to dread?!
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Weekends are overrated. It's a mantra that's been adopted by Atlanta-based Monday Night Brewing (so much so that they've adopted it as their unofficial tagline).

Weekends are overrated - Monday Night BrewingStarted by three former white-collar workers who turned to craft beer as their escape from the nine to five, the story they tell - through beer - is one that can and does very much apply to what I believe we all aspire for.

What is that? It's the drive we each possess to create a career and a life for ourselves that doesn't have us "working for the weekend" - but instead, has us looking forward to the week - and, as crazy as it may sound, excited about Mondays. Excited because of the opportunity that lies ahead. Excited for the people we'll meet and ideas we'll share. Excited for the possibilities to create.

As Monday Night says, "it's not about living for the weekend, but enjoying every day as much as you can." 

True that.

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