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Achieving smooth operations of processes which are used time and time again depends on... minimising the interruptions.

I like the example of railways, because they give us a visible image. Railways run to time and meet the schedules by identifying likely causes of delay and resolving them.

The new 57 km long Swiss Gotthard Base Tunnel which goes into full service this weekend, saves 38 minutes on the Alp transit that until now takes over 2 hours.

One of the features of this tunnel is that trains are systematically checked before going in.  This is to reduce random failures in the tunnel itself - and an excellent example of a program to reduce interruptions.

What are your experiences of efforts to reduce interruptions? Tell us on your favourite social site: .

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“I attended the PMP prep online course conducted by Dr. Deasun recently. I must say his lucid style of explaining the knowledge areas and the PM Process Groups were very much appreciated in our group. I strongly recommend him for such mentoring programmes.”


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