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Personalized Tuition

Want to learn spiritual or divination skills? Or maybe just brush up on your abilities? Sarina Damen provides private tuition in the Tarot, Palmistry, Spiritual and Psychic Development, Meditation, and Tasseography (tea leaf reading)*.

An hour and a half personal tuition with invaluable information, exercises, and notes, can give you a wonderful kick start to your spiritual and intuitive path, for only $75!  Purchase your Personalized Tuition or buy a Gift Certificate for Personalized Tuition here! Workshops are currently unavailable but subscribers to this newsletter will be informed when a new workshop is scheduled. Alternative location to purchase Personalized Tuition here.

* Training and hints on how to set up your own business website, design and management, and social media promotion, is also available.

Monthly Healing Hints

Whether you like the taste of camomile tea or not, camomile tea or essential oil needs to be part of everyone's collection of natural remedies. Camomile is an anti-inflammatory, when applied externally or taken internally. Cooled camomile tea makes as excellent treatment for inflamed skin, as a skin toner, and de-puffer for under eye-bags. Tea from four or five bags can be used as beneficial, soothing sit bath for a swollen, possibly bleeding, "bottom area". Two or more cups daily helps to relax nerves and prepare for sleep, reduce pain of inflamed joints, and aid in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If you don't like the taste of camomile, certain brands supply combination teas such as camomile and spearmint or camomile and spiced apple. There are some wonderful organic and pesticide-free camomile teas, reasonably-priced and sold in the supermarket, including camomile tea from  Nerada, a great Aussie company.

*The information provided here, is for educational purposes only, and should not replace help, advice or treatment by health-care professionals.

Client Reward Programs

Get rewarded with a FREE CONSULTATION!!!

Card Rewards Program:
Each time you visit for a consultation, you receive a tick on your client card. Visit for six hour appointments or eight half hours and receive a half hour GIFT CERTIFICATE which you can use or gift to someone else. There is no time limit to accumulating points towards your gift certificate, and this certificate can be used for a telephone consultation if you prefer.
Referral Rewards Program: Refer new clients to the business services of Sarina Damen and when your referrals attend their first consultation, their name is added to your client card. Receive 10 recommendations on your card and a get a FREE ONE HOUR GIFT CERTIIFICATE! If you have referred a new client and believe they may not have mentioned your referral, simply mention their name on your next visit or send an email with the name of your referral.

Sarina Damen - Spiritual Counsellor & Life Coach


End of Financial Year Session

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As a special end of financial year offer, mention this Newsletter discount when booking your one hour consultation or purchasing a one hour gift certificate and receive it for the incredible price of only $65!!  You can purchase as many one hour consultations or gift certificates with this special offer, however you must be a subscriber to this newsletter to qualify.

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Gift Certificates

Looking for a personalized, unique gift? How about a Gift Certificate for a Face-To-Face Consultation, Telephone Session, Birth Chart or Personalized Tuition? Gift Certificates can be posted, emailed or collected. Purchase your Gift Certificate online here or arrange an alternative payment - Tel: 07 3354 2470 or email: . Gft Certificates can also be purchased online here. All online payments processed through the secure payment gateway of Paypal (with or without a Paypal Account, no sign up necessary).

$10 off an hour voucher

Visit for a consultation with Sarina Damen during June and receive a "$10 Off a One Hour Consultation" voucher. These vouchers are valid for three months from date of issue, and can either be used by you or given to a friend to use.
Top Quotes
"We are here on earth to do good for others. What the others are here for, I don't know." --W. H. Auden
“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.”- Persian Proverb
“Never take a person's dignity: it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you.” - Frank Barron

If you have an inspirational or thought-provoking quote, you would like to share with others through this monthly section, please send me your addition.

Gemini Vedic Astrological Forecast!

This Gemini forecast covers the remainder of 2011.

Between June & 15th November 2011 there will be rapid progress and sudden happiness from various sources. You will find that within a matter of couple of weeks, the pressures will ease and rapid progress will come from various quarters. To read the rest of the Gemini forecast, click here..

Book Update

Did you know Sarina Damen's upcoming book has over 90 transformational and healing exercises! Her new book also contains hundreds of inspirational quotes, forty three personal development and self-awareness topics, insights from over twenty-five years of spiritual counselling work, daily messages, oracle, and more. 

Pre-order your copy and be guaranteed your own limited edition volume on personal development and spiritual evolution. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, simply send a request to have your name added to the list or tel: 07 3354 2470. Sarina's new book also contains 43 original photographs and artworks by the author, including the one displayed above, entitled, "Stillness". Those who have already paid for their pre-ordered copy will receive the first copies, personally signed by the author. (Pre-payment is not currently being offered). For more news on the release of Sarina Damen's new book, watch this space!

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