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Baby, It's Cold Outside!
This time of year often brings families and friends together in celebration where we finally take the time to catch up. We seek out a few hours to curl up by the fire with a hot chocolate and a good book.  We might even sit around the table and play board games with our kids. The cold chill in the air seems to drive us inside, where we hunker down and hibernate for the winter.  But what about being active and getting outside?  Especially with all the extra yummy food and treats that come along with the holidays.  Fresh air and movement is so important. 
  • Build a Snow Fort:  If you get some good packing snow, build a good outdoor fortress in the yard to serve as a new place to have an after school snack. 
  • Shovel Out Kindness:  Make it a goal to find a new neighbour on your street that you can help out by shovelling their driveway or walk-way.  
  • Outdoor Skating:  Find that beautiful outdoor rink, bundle up and go skating as a family (Don’t forget your hot chocolate thermos).  Many public rinks will rent skates. 
  • Scavenger Hunt:  Get creative and make a list of things to find that aren't buried under snow; a licence plate that has the numbers 1, 2, 3 on it or a street sign that has all the letters you need to spell your own name.
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I am proud to be speaking at the North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre open house.  I will be speaking at 10:00AM about Preschoolers and Positive Education.  

#AskAlyson: Letter of the Month

My kids are asking if Santa is real…

It’s inevitable that kids will eventually grow old enough and wise enough to challenge the concept of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.

While the age varies, it does seem that after 5 years old, suspicion is on the rise, and most 8 year olds are critical thinkers and can conclude that circumnavigates the planet and visiting every house via a chimney seems unrealistic.

Most kids feign believing in Santa for a year or two. It’s a fun fantasy to keep alive, and heck you might just keep getting those extra Santa gifts too!  Why tip your cards early?  Some children will react to finding out by saying  “ I knew it! I knew it!” and they merrily go about their lives.   Other kids seem deeply hurt that their parents have duped them and they are embarrassed that they were fooled in this way. 

How will you know how strong your child’s reaction will be? You can’t.  Children decide for themselves what to make of their life situations.  I can tell you that a child is more likely to feel betrayed and duped if you go to enormous efforts in your Santa games.  If you go hog wild in PROVING his existence – you likely have some bigger explaining to do.   Try to keep it light and simple:  a bite out of a cookie and sip of milk gone from the offerings left out by the kids.  When your kids ask, you can simply say “I still believe in Santa and the miracle of Christmas, I don’t know about you.”

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Happy Parenting! 

Join me for a Twitter party to talk about teens and the holiday season and you could win!  

 Bring your questions and take part in the conversation. 

Wed, Dec 7th 

Reading Corner

My latest read is a book called Teen Speak by Jennifer Salerno.  

Teen speak is a unique book on communicating with your teen. Readers are taught traditional active listening techniques, but also how to use motivational interviewing approaches with teens. If your teen sees nothing wrong with smoking pot, not wearing a seat belt or leaving off the condoms — this book gives the methods for bringing about behaviour changes to otherwise resistant teens.


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Drinking & Driving
Wed Nov 30, 2016

Preschoolers &
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North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre
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Twitter Party
Teens & Holidays
Wed Dec 7, 2016
12:00 PM
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