Worthwhile Risk
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Worthwhile Risks

Risk is part of growth. If we avoided all risk, our children would never learn to walk. If we refused to entertain any risk we would remain babies, unable to function on our own. The Church is no different than a person in that it will not grow if we avoid all risk. Countless people have given their lives while spreading the truth of the Gospel in both urban and isolated situations. In many countries teaching the truth or gathering to pray is against the law. Yet the Church MUST do these things regardless of the risk: the risk is worthwhile. It’s a case of momentary suffering for eternal joy. There are things worth risking our lives for, yet we need to learn to manage and accept risk wisely.


Serving at Moody Aviation in Safety we are really in the business of risk management. Those who choose to serve in mission aviation are signing up for a job that is worth risking their lives for. Still, we believe Safety is Wisdom— taking reasonable precautions to prevent serious consequences, evaluating the benefits and the cost. And the things we’re talking about are not only the physical risks, but also the human factors that play into either success or failure.


Several weeks ago we hosted a Safety Seminar that focused on Human Factors, particularly the risks faced when working on inter-generational teams. The weeks before the seminar were hectic as we worked with the team here organizing the many pieces that are needed for an event— set up, sound, video, food, drinks, feedback options, etc. We did our best to put the pieces in place and trusted that God had something in mind. God showed up mightily at the seminar and staff and students learned a lot about working cross-culturally and inter-generationally. Please continue to pray that He uses this teaching as we work in an inter-generational environment here and send our graduates out to work with those from other cultures and generations.


Following the Safety Seminar Moody Aviation was audited by Mission Safety International, an organization that Garry has often worked with. An audit is designed to help us do what we do better— pointing out our strengths that we can build on as well as highlighting areas where we may be at risk. The process of auditors interviewing all staff members gives us realistic feedback on where we are and ways we can improve. The results of the audit were encouraging, areas where we are strong and areas where we can improve.  Pray for us as we address the issues that need improvement, that we would see God do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.

Summer plans are also under way, but more about that next time when we have more information!

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Thanks for joining us on this journey,

Garry & Cynthia 


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