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Newsletter October 2015

Halloween greetings from Juniper Mountain Ranch.  We hope you’ve had a hair-raising, wickedly good hunting encounter this fall with plenty of wild meat tucked away in the freezer.  Just in case your hunting experience elsewhere has been less than electrifying, we still have dates available for a November hunt at Juniper Mountain. 

We are having a great season so far with many of our loyal hunters returning and several new huntsmen spotting and stalking at the ranch.  The weather has been unseasonably warm and the conditions are perfect for a terrific hunt. We still have a great selection of bulls, with some shockingly huge, out of this world, monster bulls still roaming the shadowy hills of Juniper Mountain.  You are guaranteed to bring home the “treats”.  Although these monsters look supernatural they are not apparitions, they are real!
So……if the freezer is still empty or the stark bare wall needs a trophy monster bull, please give us a call or send us an email.  We don’t want you to be “tricked” out of the perfect hunt for this year.  Call Cindy at 208-663-4585 or email

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