Winter Camp Progress

With the first week of camp behind us, we are looking toward the final project of the class!

To prepare, this last week we spent time practicing building in teams, assigning roles, refining techniques, and exploring how to effectively critique in an online studio setting. We focused on the three components that result in an immersive build: exterior, interior, and landscaping with each team capping the week with a large themed house build!

Kicking off the second half of the camp, as a group we will vote on which style the last build of the camp will be. Our goal is to lean toward a project that would be extremely hard individually, but much more manageable as a group. From there, we will assign groups to each component. Where before we had just one person working on an area, now they will have a team! We will be choosing between the styles of Roman, Victorian, and Gothic with an eco-design twist as it has been the favorite this past week! This project will be the culmination of the year as we finish the build and celebrate with a New Year’s Eve server party!

Redstone New Years

The concluding act in our winter break session, this camp focuses on building moving elements into the buildings we constructed during the winter break. We'll learn a few boss engineering tricks for Redstone, making our builds full of surprises. It's time to reveal the awesome power of REDSTONE!

Camp will be January 2nd & 3rd, from 1:30-3:30 CST.
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