From Dec. 21st through Dec 30th, our Minecraft Architects and Builders labored to create a Minecraft rendition of the famous Gothic cathedral in Prague, the St. Vitus Cathedral. Construction on the real cathedral began in 1344 and it was finally completed in 1929! We got it done virtually, in a little less time! Our version is true to scale with the original. See for yourself what a group of smart, determined youngsters can accomplish with Minecraft.

What's next? We're kicking off 2021 with a Redstone for Minecraft engineering camp! We'll learn how to make things move and process. We'll plan and assemble electronic circuits. We'll devise little virtual machines that work from instructions we code. Interesting? For sure! Here are the details.

Yesterday we brought 2020 to a close on our Creative Server by creating a virtual Times Square ball drop, complete with fireworks, a demolition of “2020”, and the magical appearance of a golden “2021”. The pictures don’t do it justice but here is one anyway. I’m consistently astonished at what our talented group of Minecraft engineers are capable of together!

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