Tea Tidings Bulletin
       November 2012

Dear Tea Brothers & Sisters,

      Please read the link below from the excellent netazine "Into Mountains, Over Streams," about the now scientifically proven health benefits of tea, which I've been writing about for years, and which all of you have been benefiting from by drinking the world's best organic, hand-crafted High Mt Oolong Tea. And remember, when they talk about 'green tea,' the benefits of High Mt Oolong are even bigger and better. Note also that my article on The Art & Craft of High Mt Oolong Tea is the first recommended additional link at the bottom of the page.

      Many of you are no doubt wondering what happened to the next issue of Tea Tidings. Due to a variety of circumstances beyond my control starting late last year until just recently, I have not been able to focus on getting Issue #14 written, but worry not, it shall be done soon enough. If not, feel free to send an email to prod me!

      Jolene has recently put some new items on the shop menu, including some fine teas as well as teaware. We are trying to keep our prices down as much as possible, but please understand that the cost of these high grades of tea and hand-crafted teaware continue to soar in Taiwan, so we still suggest that you stock up as much as possible before costs continue to climb skyward.

      At this moment, Snow and I are drinking our favorite Classic Oolong from Cedar Lake Plantation, with a bowl of peeled pre-soaked almonds and a few juicy medjul dates as tea food.

      Here's the link to the article mentioned above: Tea and Human Health

      To your health!

Daniel & Snow




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