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                                                                                          March 2013

Dear Tea Friends

New Taiwan Tea Fair Winners

       Continuing the tradition of bringing you the best of the best, we have three new truly superb Taiwan Tea Fair silver ribbon winners:


New Wild Harvest Black Tea

       Distinguished by its sweet fresh flavor and rich natural aroma, without a trace of bitterness or harsh after taste, this peerless black tea (which in Chinese is known as hung cha, “red tea”) displays a deep red color in the cup and unfolds a luxuriant flush of flavor in the mouth and throat, leaving a finish on the palate that’s soft and smooth as jade:


Regarding Recent Price Adjustments

       We have recently been obliged by rising costs to increase the prices for many of the products on our menu. The key factors that have made this adjustment necessary are the continuously rising cost and decreasing supply of the top grade organic teas and fine tea ware that we offer on our menu; increases in postal rates; and the decreasing exchange value of the US$ in Taiwan.

       We have resisted raising our prices for a long time, but our ever increasing costs have now made it necessary to do so in order to stay in business and continue to offer you these top quality items.

       In several past issues of Tea Tidings, Daniel has suggested that you order more of your favorite teas and tea ware, in order to prepare for rising costs and dwindling supplies, a trend that realistically will continue to develop.

Tail Piece: Tea Photography From Lóránt Vörös

       Simply stunning photography from cha ren Lóránt!

"Morning Tea" by Lóránt Vörös www.vorosphoto.com

"Morning Tea" by Lóránt Vörös
Thanks for sharing such an amazing shot, Lorant!
More of his incredible photography can be found at his website:  www.vorosphoto.com

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