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Airbraker! Welcome to the year 2015. The year of hoverboards* and self-healing software. Ok, we have hoverboards* but we are still waiting for self healing software.

In late 2014 we completed a migration and consolidation for our Exceptional error tracking users to We’ve relaunched under a consildated brand with a mission to go build tools to help you build better products. We are excited about what we have in store for 2015. Here are a few updates and plans for the coming months.

Thank you,
Ben, Motea and the rest of the Exceptional team.

New! Airbrake Now Fits In Your Pocket - iOS Edition

Hot on the heals of the Airbrake Android App launched in August. We are happy to announce the launch of our iPhone app, grab it from the App Store.

New IP & SPDY support

In November we’ve updated our dedicated IP for sending and accessing Airbrake. If your using Airbrake in a limited network enviroment, please add to your whitelist. Airbrake now supports SPDY, for extra fast exception capturing and viewing.

New Projects

New In-app Onboarding.

We’ve recently improved our in-app onboarding to make it easier to configure multiple projects for up to 14 programming languages and frameworks.

Enterprise Airbrake

We are trialling a new enterprise plan level for Airbrake. If you're interested in SSO, yearly invoicing and custom setup for Airbrake. For more information on the product, please get in touch with Ben

Airbrake Hosted

If you have strict data complience for your application, specific performance or scaling needs needs you should consider our hosted option. For more information on the product please mail


SF Meetup - Ship it

On Thursday 12th Feb we’re excited to announce a new San Francisco meetup for 2015. Our first speaker is JP Silvashy, CTO of Shuddle and he’ll be talking about `Shipping features that keep kids safe` and Ben Arent head of Product at Exceptional will be talking about `Shipping support with features`. Open to all and free. Sign up on

Rackspace Solve and

We'll be at Rackspace Solve on March 5th, please join us for the Free on day event to hear directly from the leaders of Tinder and CoreOS and Rackspace CEO Taylor Rhodesas they discuss the latest challenges and solutions surrounding virtualization, ecommerce, big data, DevOps and cloud architecture.

See the agenda and signup here.

Our Friends at ObjectRocket and RedisToGo are hosting a full day free Redis Conference the day after Solve. The call for speakers and sponsorship is now open. More details at


The community has built a cool collection of CLI tools based on our API.
  1. Airbrake Read API Gem -
  2. Airbrake Tools -
  3. Airbrake CLI -
  4. airmonitor UI for Airbrake -

Meet our customers

@simontaranto from Thoughtbot: “Every morning I get my coffee and check in with Airbrake to see how things are going. Having all our exceptions in one place makes learning about and then keeping track of issues a breeze. I wouldn't deploy without it.”

Joshua Krall from Groupon: “It wasn't until we switched to Airbrake that we finally were able to get our exception emails under control. The ability to see your errors in one place, mark them as resolved, and organize them by deploy makes all the difference.”

Rackspace Offer - DevOps Automation

Let Rackspace help run your day-to-day cloud operations, including infrastructure monitoring, OS maintenance and patching, application maintenance, and more—so you can focus on your business. Get everything in our SysOps service level, plus DevOps experts and tools for continuous integration and deployment and for application monitoring to keep your environment running at peak efficiency.
Learn More.

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