SOLD OUT - The biggest Fireworks, Laser and Music outdoor show this bonfire night with the addition of the biggest German Bier Festival, Ice Skating, Street Food Village and a Family Fair
Fireworks Final Info


Congratulations on booking your tickets for this sold out event. There will be no tickets available on the door.

We have prepared the following information to help you get the most out of your fireworks festival, please arrive early to get the most out of the event.

Fireworks Gates are open from 16:00
The fireworks start at 20:00 for 30 minutes
German bier festival is open 14:00 to 23:00 (for ticket holders only)
The Alexandra Palace Ice Rink has 4 special skating sessions which are all sold out.

The Bier Festival opens at 14:00 and we anticipate this being particularly busy. This area has a limited capacity and once reached, we will operate a one in one out policy so if this is your thing, make sure you get there early.
There is no re-admittance to the event. If you choose to leave the event at any time, you will not be allowed to re-enter. There is also no entry to the park from 20:30 until the end of the event at 23:00, if you have a ticket you must get in early.

Please print your eTickets and keep them safe and dry until they have been scanned. VIP ticket holders should keep their tickets after being scanned at the gates to gain entry to the VIP and get their wristbands. The VIP room can be accessed via the Palm Court entrance to the Palace.

Please do not drive to the event, there is NO parking available and local roads adjacent to the venue are closed. Please use public transport or walk to the event.

Please do not bring food, drink, sparklers or fireworks to the event. Bag searches will take place at the entrances of the event.

Please wear sensible footwear and clothing for an outdoor event in October and keep in mind the site is largely grassed areas on slopes.



Can I buy tickets on the door? 
No. this event is sold out and no tickets will be sold on the door.

How can I get in to the bier festival?
You have to have a ticket to the fireworks festival to enter the park. If you have a ticket you have access to the Bier Festival for free.
The entrance to the Bier Festival is via the Palm Court entrance.
This is a very popular event and once this space reaches capacity we will operate a one in one out system queuing down the west slip road. 

Can I get into the ice rink?
If you have a fireworks ticket and have also bought tickets to the ice rink then you can go in at the set time. Otherwise, sorry not today, it is sold out .You can buy tickets to the ice rink for other days in advance from

How old is an adult?
Adults are 16's and over
Children are 10-15
Under 10’s are free
ID will be required for Adult's to enter the Bier Festival 

Can I bring my family or under 18 year old to the Bier Festival?
This event is an over 18 event. However should the security on the door to event deem it is safe for a family to enter they will review it on a case by case basis. Groups of under 18’s will not be allowed in to the festival.

How many under 10’s can I bring?
An adult is limited to bringing up to 5 under 10 year olds.
You cannot buy extra tickets to bring extra children. 

Is there a cloakroom?
There is no cloakroom at the event

What time are the fireworks on?
8pm for half an hour
We have told everyone to arrive early to avoid disappointment. 

Where shall I take my family to stand and watch the fireworks?
The family zone is area 5 this is where we recommend families to go.

What time does the Bar and Kitchen shut?
The pub will be open at 11:00 as normal and cleared at 15:00 ready for ticket check
The pub will close at 23:00

Is there parking?
There is no parking at this event it has been clearly advertised as no parking and public transport has been recommended.

What time will the road open?
We will re-open the road when it is safe to do so this should be around 22:00

When does the W3 bus start running?
As soon as we can safely open the road this should be around 10pm

Why can't I get in to the bier festival? 
This is a limited capacity event.
The ticket you have bought is for fireworks and does not guarantee entry to the Bier Festival
The bier festival opened at 14:00 and we have encouraged people to arrive early to avoid disappointment. 

What time do the bars and food units close in the Park?

What time does the fairground close?

Cash machines 
There are no cash machines in the park
There are 3 cash points in the venue for the German bier festival these are in the palm court, west corridor, and the back of the great hall
These cost £1.85

Can I bring food and drink to this event?
No food or drink will be allowed in the festival. Bags searches will take place at the entrance points.

Can I bring sparklers into the festival?
No sparklers or fireworks are allowed in to the festival arena.

Can I bring my dog?
No pets allowed

Is the event safe for children?
Yes this ticketed and controlled event has a dedicated family zone marked zone 5 on the site plan.  Upper areas like zone 4 will be congested. 

Information points
These are shown on the site plan, if you have any questions or queries during the event please make your way to one of these points.
If you have any queries, complaints, lost property, lost people, medical or general issues please visit your local Information Point.

Alexandra Palace station is running an extra service with trains running every 8mins
All customers need to walk to the stations as there are no buses running.
Wood green is on the Piccadilly line and operating a normal service.
The last train and tube is around mid-night.
Please allow for a 15minute walk from the stations. This time may be increased due to crowd flow.

Lost people 
We recommend that if you lose your friends, children or group you go to the nearest information point.
Mobile phone signal can be reduced when a large number of people in one area are trying to use their phones.

Lost property
Think about your belongings, if you don't need it, don't bring it.
All lost property will go to the info points during and after the event.
Due to the size of the event anything found will get back to the main Central lost property department at Alexandra Palace and customers can call the Palace on Monday between 9-5 to check if the items have been handed in. 
020 8365 2121.

Ticketing enquiries.
020 3390 0150
In order to get visitors into the event as quickly as possible we would prefer if people with group e-Tickets enter the event as one single group.  However if that isn't possible that's OK, so long as you follow these instructions!  Make sure that each member of the group has a copy of the e-ticket, and that they tell the gate staff scanning the e-ticket that others in the group will be arriving separately. IF YOU DON'T DO THIS MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP ARRIVING AFTER YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO ENTER

Disabled parking is limited in the Paddock car park on a first come first served basis
There is a viewing platform in the family zone 5
There is a dedicated family and accessible section in the Bier Festival. Please ask stewards on your arrival.

Pickpocketing is a London wide issue
If you are a victim or witness to pick-pocketing please report this to the nearest police officer, security or information point.

Medical centre 
There are roaming medial units around the park and centres at every info point.
These are also marked on the map.

GLH 020 8364 1814
Crouch end cars 020 8342 8282

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