Information and Prayer Points for the 2012 Anglican Missions Lenten Appeal to put on your noticeboard, use it in newsletters or forward this email to your parishoners.

Prayer Points and Information Snippets # 6


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Thank you very much to those of you who have been praying for the various projects in the Anglican Missions Lenten Appeal this year. If you would like any promotional material for the last week of Lent, please contact us with your requirements and we'll happily help!

As a side note - the Anglican Missions Pilgrimage to Israel is almost full! We have 3-4 places remaining. Contact or see our webpage for more information.

Below are the prayer points and information for week 6. Please feel free to print this out, put it on your noticeboard, use it in newsletters or forward this email to your parishioners. If you have any trouble printing just reply and we'll send you a pdf or word document.

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The Team at Anglican Missions

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Jerusalem and the Middle East

Donations to the Jerusalem and the Middle East Lenten Project for 2012 will be split evenly between the Ras Morbat Clinic and Creating a Future for Children in Egypt.

Ras Morbat Clinic in Aden, Yemen Funds raised for the Ras Morbat Clinic will assist with the ongoing running costs of the Clinic as it provides healthcare in Aden for those who cannot afford it.

The goals of the Ras Morbat Clinic are:
• To examine, sort and treat as many patients as possible, providing affordable and reliable healthcare to the local population.
• To identify and treat preventable blindness
• To employ, train and develop local staff
• To increase health and hygiene awareness among the local population
• Empower the poorest members of the community by providing vocational training.
• Continue to develop relationships with third parties in Aden

Pray for the patients who use the Ras Morbat Clinic; that their lives have been improved by the services given.

Creating a Future for Children in Egypt

This project will equip a new nursery. It will open in Suez and will help disadvantaged families by providing good care and education for their children before they begin primary school. This nursery and several others are run by EpiscoCare, the development arm of the Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Photo: Photos of the nursery as it is being renovated. 1,2, and 3 are Classrooms. 7 is the entrance way.

To nurture family relationships and to give families the chance to spend a great time together EpiscoCare arranges parties, social activities and cultural excursions for parents and children.

Pray for the new nursery which will open in Suez soon; that this clinic will bring laughter and joy to the community and prepare the children of Suez for the future.

Landless People in Polynesia

Donations to the Landless People Lenten Project for 2012 will be split between Nadawa and Namara. 

Our prayers and thoughts are with the people and Church of Fiji as the main island Viti Levu continues to be battered by severe weather. The Landless People are based near Suva on Viti Levu.

Pray for the people of Fiji, especially those in positions of authority; that they will have the strength to recover after two lots of flooding in 2012 and to prepare for future extreme weather.


Donations to the Unite Lenten Project for 2012 will be used to support all of the NZCMS Mission Partners. You can support a particular Mission Partner on a regular basis by contacting Tessa at Anglican Missions.

Unite is about connecting our Church and its Mission Partners. Our Church through the NZ Church Missionary Society and Anglican Missions supports over 40 Mission Partners around the world in fields such as health, education, evangelism & bible translation, and we’ve been doing that for many years. In the last 10 months we’ve seen unprecedented growth of people in our church exploring the call to Overseas Mission.

Joanna Frampton

Linguist/translator in Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe Bible Translators - Currently back in New Zealand completing her Masters in Linguistics. Joanna Frampton was sent out by NZCMS to Papua New Guinea in 1995. Linguistically, Papua New Guinea is the world’s most diverse country, with more than 800 distinct languages – making it a perfect location for a Bible translator such as Joanna. Since her arrival Joanna has spent a significant amount of her time working with Maisin (pronounced mice-in) language speakers. There is a strong desire among the Maisin for literacy in their own language and for a Maisin Bible translation – no easy task, considering the language didn’t even have a standardised alphabet!  Photo right: Joanna.

RACs - Mission Partners in Restricted Access Countries

This group of Mission Partners, known as “RACs” (Restricted Access Countries) are little heard about. We cannot tell you much about these Mission Partners as they are in secure locations, and sharing information about them, their location, or what they are doing can endanger them – scary stuff! RACs are all over the world, serving in many ways including translation, development, teaching, language learning and pastoral support. They are doing very important work in places that are not always very welcoming to them and their families. 

Pray for the RAC Mission Partners who work around the world; that they are kept safe while working in risky conditions. Also pray for Joanna as she continues to study and give thanks for all the work she has done so far in Papua New Guinea.


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Returning Lenten Appeal Funds to Anglican Missions

In order that we can distribute the funds as quickly as possible we would appreciate any funds raised to be sent through to Anglican Missions by end of July 2012. Remember to send through details of which of the three areas funds are to be utilised in.
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