Taylor Porter
November 2014
Regulatory Alert
LDEQ Regulation – WQ088
Revisions to Chapter 11 – Surface Water Quality Standards
LAC 33:IX.1105, 1109 and 1119
FINAL RULE – 11/20/2014
The final rule updates outdated and unclear language in Chapter 11. A new definition of “degradation” (“a lowering of water quality, as demonstrated by data analysis, water quality models or other scientifically defensible method”) is added to Section 1105. The rule clarifies that the state may choose to lower water quality in waters that exceed state standards to accommodate justifiable economic and/or social development “after completion of appropriate analysis and after completion of the public participation processes outlined in the Water Quality Management Plan and the Continuing Planning Process.” Language is added to specify that waters in the Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers System will be considered by LDEQ for designation as “outstanding natural resource waters.” Lastly, the revision states that an unpermitted discharge may be granted a permit to discharge to an outstanding natural resource water body if the discharge existed before the designation was made.
LDNR Regulation
Office of Conservation - Fees
LAC 43:XIX.Chapter 7       
FINAL RULE – 11/20/2014
The rule revises the LDNR fee schedule for the 2014-2015 fiscal years. The revisions establish the annual regulatory fee for a Type A facility at $6,496 per facility, Type B facility at $3,248 per facility, non-commercial class II injection/disposal wells at $651 per well, class III and storage wells at $651 per well and class I wells at $11,940 per well. The following annual production fee tiers are established for operators of capable oil and gas wells.
Tier Annual Production (Barrel Oil Equivalent) Fee ($ per Well)
Tier 1 0 17
Tier 2 1-5,000 94
Tier 3 5,001-15,000 267
Tier 4 15,001-30,000 443
Tier 5 30,001-60,000 700
Tier 6 60,001-110,000 974
Tier 7 110,001-9,999,999 1,202
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