Taylor Porter
February 2015
Regulatory Alert
Minor Source Permit Requirements
LAC 33:III.503 and 519
FINAL RULE – 2/20/2015
The final rule sets forth maximum term lengths and renewal procedures for minor source air permits, which the previous regulations did not specifically address. The new language establishes an effective term of ten (10) years from the effective date of a permit, unless a shorter period is designated in the permit. In addition, it is stated that any revision or reopening of a permit (excluding administrative amendments or portable facility relocation) will establish the start of a new permit term. Lastly, a permit will expire unless a permit renewal application is submitted at least six (6) months prior to the permit’s expiration date.
LDNR Regulation
Plug and Abandonment of Oil and Gas Wells, Financial Security, Utility Review Status LAC 43:XIX.Chapter 1
POTPOURRI – 2/20/2015
The Potpourri Notice announces LDNR’s plans for a public hearing on the substantive changes to Proposed Rule - Plug and Abandonment of Oil and Gas Wells, Financial Security, Utility Review Status (LAC 43:XIX.Chapter 1), published in the October 2014 Louisiana Register (LR 40:2156-2159).
Based on comments received, LDNR is proposing to revise its originally proposed amendments in the following respects:
  • Section 101, revise the definition of inactive well: “inactive well” -  an unplugged well that has been spud or has been equipped with cemented casing and that has had no reported production, disposal, injection, or other permitted activity for a period of greater than six months and is not part of an approved production program;”
  • Section104.C.6,  add the words “Financial security amounts will be periodically reviewed and adjusted to ensure they are reflective of the costs to plug and clear orphan well sites;” and
  • Section 137.A.1.b, regarding failure to plug an inactive well, delete the word “penalty” and replace it with the word “assessment.”
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