Taylor Porter
May 2015
Regulatory Alert

Extending Commercial Facilities and Transfer Stations Setbacks under Statewide Order No. 29-B
LAC 43:XIX.507
FINAL RULE – 5/20/2015
The final rule amends LAC 43:XIX.507, adding an additional setback area applicable to new commercial facilities and transfer stations. These new facilities may not be located in any area where type A and B facilities and transfer stations, class II disposal wells, storage containers and E & P waste treatment systems and related equipment are located within 1,250 feet from a school, hospital or public park. Existing facilities and transfer stations will be exempt from the 1,250 foot rule, with the previous setback of 500 feet remaining applicable.
An owner of a residence or commercial building or the administrative body responsible for the public building, hospital, church or public park may waive, in writing, the setback requirements. The written waiver must contain language acceptable to the LDNR Commissioner and be included in the permit application.
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