skippyscage photography - 8 June 2019

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Mirny, Russian Federation - updated October 2018

Iruma, Japan - updated December 2018

Astana Airport and KADEX2018, Kazakhstan

CECyT 7 Technical School, Mexico

Conalep Aeropuerto Technical School, Mexico

Tequesquitengo Airfield, Mexico

Del Norte, Monterrey, Mexico 

Bob's Air Park, Arizona - scans from 1984

RAF Lakenheath, UK -scans from 1980-1983

Detroit City, MI - scans from 1980

Saltillo, Mexico - general photos

Monterrey, Mexico - general photos

some more old music photos

Foe - 2002

Fourth Quartet - 1999-2001

Oxes - 2001

The Monsoon Bassoon - 1999-2001

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