skippyscage photography - 23 May 2020

So much for an update a week after the last one, let's try six weeks!.

Left to right, click on the images to be directed to the gallery or use the link in the text below.

Santa Lucia Air Force Base No.1, Mexico - updated April 2019 - including FAMEX2019.

Yokota Air Base, Japan - November 2019.

Shizuhama Air Base, Japan - November 2019.

Kasumigaura Air Field, Ibaraki, Japan - November 2019.

Futaba Gliding Field, Japan - November 2019.

Off Airport Japan - updated November 2019.

Akeno Air Field, Mie, Japan - November 2019. 

Hyakuri Air Base, Japan - updated November 2019.

Naval Air Facility Atsugi - updated November 2019.

Gifu Air Base, Japan - updated November 2019.

Phuket, Thailand - January 2020.

Off Airport Thailand, War Camping - January 2020.

some more old music photos

Kaito - 2001-2002

Les Savy Fav - 2001-2003

Rothko - 1999-2001

some "normal" photos

Chernobyl, Pripyat and general area, Ukraine - 2018 - quite frankly the most interesting place I've ever visited.

Denver general - updated September 2019.

Thailand sunsets - January 2020.

That's all for now, there'll be another catch up soon thanks for subscribing. paul

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