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On Entertaining at Home
Patrick K: The holiday season is a time we look forward to in our restaurants. All through the evening candles are lit. Guests linger to put off the cold. And there’s a conviviality in the room that tempts me to forget I’m not supposed to sit down and enjoy service. Of course, as long as the weather permits, we’ll keep that sense of, er, warmth going in Yorkville on Alobar’s patio. But, for the most part, this year the holidays will be spent at home with close friends and family. With that in mind, here’s how I set myself up for success when entertaining at home. 
Cooking for company is the same as prepping for a busy restaurant service: mise en place is the key. When I entertain, I want to start early and take my time. It should be pleasant and stress-free. I first lay out the ingredients to get a visual and make sure nothing’s forgotten. Then, I clean and prep all of the raw items, pre-cooking as many individual elements as I can in advance. All of these are portioned and put into their own bowls: this way the whole clutter of knives, measuring cups, cutting boards, etc. is out of the way for the evening. At this point, it’s easy to tidy up the kitchen and the meal can be quickly finished up whenever. The goal isn’t just to make a great meal; it’s to get there in a relaxed state of mind, with a glass of wine in hand to enjoy our friends and family. And the best thing is, when you cook, you never have to do the dishes. 
Of course, you can still welcome us into your home with our At Home offerings from Alo, Aloette, and Alobar. Or email us to see if we might accommodate a more bespoke in-home dining experience. 
Alanna S-Y: We're fielding a lot of requests these days about pulling off socially distanced cocktail parties. To help, we've put together Gift Boxes x Alo, which feature some of our favourite things from Alo's barroom. Our boxes include a selection of bottled cocktails, wine, Alo's original bar mix, some cocktail gear, and a how-to guide for making some of our most popular cocktails for the holiday season. Our Gift Boxes are available for pre-order to be picked up Thursdays to Saturdays, beginning November 26th. So, throw a cocktail soirée for a colleague, friend, family member, or the whole office ... even if you can't join in person. 
Not Uncommon Recipe

Lee B: At Alobar, several Scotches on our back bar are aged in barrels that first housed sherries. Our Not Uncommon cocktail likewise pairs these contributions from Scotland and Spain in the form of an Old Fashioned. Here's how you can make it at home:
   1 oz Johnnie Walker Green Scotch
   1 oz Torres 10 Spanish Brandy
   .25 oz sherry syrup
   3 dashes Angostura bitters
   rinse of absinthe
Build in an ice-filled mixing glass. Stir and strain over ice in an absinthe-rinsed rocks glass. Orange twist. (For sherry syrup, mix equal parts sugar and dry, oxidized sherry.)    

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