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Fall 2011 Newsletter

Missionaries-in-training with a heart for Missionary Kids

Back in the Swing of Things...

Intro: It has been a long while since we “e-mailed” a Newsletter out to our friends and family and we intend to change that!!! We have decided to write a quarterly Newsletter to share what we’re up to and how we see God at work in ministry to Missionary Kids. If you feel you have received this by mistake you can unsubscribe below.

This summer really flew by. We were so blessed to travel around quite a bit and visit with family and friends on both ends of the country. We spent about a month in California where we were able to spend time with so many. We had a chance to visit both of our families in Northern and Southern Cal, fellowship with our Cornerstone Church family (Livermore and Brentwood), and visited our favorite place on earth… Hume Lake! Then we flew across the country and spent time in New York, Massachusetts, and Road Island where Bree got to meet many of Pete’s extended family. We spent a few days in the town Pete was born, celebrated a cousin’s wedding at a family farm in Shelburne, MA, and then stayed a few weeks in Cape Cod on Pete’s family’s homestead. Finally we returned back to Wisconsin for some Leadership Training at the school. Whooa! What a summer!

We are now back in the swing of things here at New Tribes Bible Institute. We are really excited for this last year because we have a much better understanding of how things work and we feel we can invest ourselves even more. We are also realizing that it will be done with before we know we are trying not to take this amazing time in our lives for granted. This year we were asked to be a part of the Student Leadership Team and serve as the Sports Department Interns as well as to be a part of the School Events Team. We have been so grateful for the opportunity and serve with some VERY talented people. We also consider it a privilege to continue supporting the MKs here at NTBI (there are 73 from 15 countries this semester). Are goal is to spent time over coffee or while hanging out on the soccer field to listen to their stories of “home”. This gives us a chance to better understand their individual backgrounds and to do our best to support them through the difficult challenges that they face in the transition into the western culture of the United States. We are also planning on leading a trip to an MK winter retreat in January and hosting a few MK events on campus. Hopefully, we’ll be too busy to realize just how freezing cold it is in winter! :)

Lastly, we want to express that we truly appreciate your prayers and love - we need them. Thank you and please feel free to update us on how you are doing! We would love to pray for you and connect this better year! Love you all.

Ministry Moment

Meet a MK: Tim Kim

Where is "home" for you
Home for me is where ever my family lives. When I was in Korea, Africa, England, U.S., or Brazil they were my entire home while I was with my family. Even though I’m in Bible School in the States I feel like my home is Brazil since that is where my parents are. 

What is your favorite story from childhood?
Well, I really don’t remember too much about my childhood. I do remember traveling a lot and seeing new things like the African safari.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Ten years from now I would like to have completed a degree through Moody Bible Institute and I really hope to be teaching in a Bible school for Indians in the Amazon area of Brazil.  There are tribes in Brazil where missionaries are not allowed to live but the the Indians want to come to a bible school in the city to learn.  Then they want to go back into their tribe to plant a church amoung their own people. If I don't end up there I would love doing something over in the 10/40 window.

Praise and Prayer

Our Praise Reports
  • We had an incredibly blessed summer on both sides of the country visiting family, friends, and our home Church family!
  • We have been given the privlilage to be on the Student Leadership Team this year serving in the Sports and Campus Events programs!
  • We celebrated three awesome years of marriage June 20th!
  • God has continued to faithfully provide for us while strengthening our faith!
Our Prayer Requests…
  • Pray for relationships building with MK’s this next year.
  • Pray for Bree’s Parents as they are currently serving in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission, and as God is taking them through a transition into new ministry.
  • Pray for Pete's family.
  • Pray for guidance and wisdom as we look to the Lord for our next steps in ministry to MKs after graduating NTBI in May.


Movement: is something that is VERY familiar to an MK and Third Culutre Kid.  Check out these three compelling short films based on three linear concepts of movement: MOVE, LEARN, EAT.




Get Involved with Us

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  • give. contribute financially.
  • go. come with us.

     Their are so many ways to get involved in the lives of MKs.  One important way would be to help support and build relationships with MKs as they return to their passport countries.  Often the parents will stay overseas as their kids will do their best to navigate their lives in this new culture in their passport country. You can be an incredible help to MKs by being a source of love, networking, resources, and a listening ear! Though no two MKs are the same… all have to face unique challenges and there are many ways to help out.

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