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                                                                  Photo: Chris Kelly | @chriskellynyc

Oh hell naw. The Supreme Court and the GOP have decided to undo decades of progress in one fell swoop. A woman’s right to choose is sacred. It is not negotiable. We must organize, fight and agitate with everything we got. The future hangs in the balance. Last night, Uptown came together in Bennett Park to process the devastating news as well as to prepare for the battle ahead. We are not going back. Keep in mind that this is not really about abortion after all but about the exercise of raw, naked power. The GOP has weaponized abortion to institute an autocracy. Do not doubt for a moment that if the GOP controls all the levers of government they will make abortion illegal. What we do now will determine whether or not that dreaded eventuality will occur.

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The United Palace
will screen the seminal 1989 movie Do the Right Thing on Sunday, May 15 followed by a talk back with Uptown superhero Lin-Manuel Miranda and film director, producer, actor, professor, and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Spike Lee. FREE tickets will be made available for reservation at at 9 am on Monday, May 9. Click below for more info.

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Once again it’s on. After a two-year pandemic-related delay, the Inwood Film Festival makes its return, picking up where they left off in 2020, with in person programming over four days from Thursday, June 2nd – Sunday, June 5th at the Campbell Sports Center located in Inwood at 218th Street and Broadway. 

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One of the main reasons that this country is reverting to the bad old days is because of Fox News. To get even more specific, there is Tucker Carlson. As a matter of fact, in my house, we replace the first letter of his name with an f. Anyway, The NY Times produced an excellent 3 part series on the rabid right winger who holds so much sway with a significant portion of the population.

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Gregg McQueen of the Bronx Free Press gave us the wonderful news that “Mayor Eric Adams announced a new initiative to provide free doula services to pregnant women, many providers viewed it as a landmark opportunity to improve birth outcomes in the city’s most vulnerable communities.”

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The Manhattan Times reported on the release of A Know Your Rights Guide On Police Encounters For New Yorkers by The Legal Aid Society.

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Back in 2019, Hypebeast took us inside the multi-million dollar atelier Gucci built for Dapper Dan in Harlem. Shout out to the King of Uptown Style, Dapper Dan, for a storied career that has spanned decades.

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The Tweet of the Week goes to the one and only George Takei for speaking straight facts.

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Make sure you stop by Buunni Coffee Inwood to catch Uptown Perspectives

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This summer, DOE and DYCD plan to serve a record number of students through Summer Rising, a free, safe, and fun academic and enrichment program for NYC students currently in grades K-8. Enroll ASAP to get your preferred location.

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You have until May 9 to apply for the Apollo Theater’s Technical Stage Production Internship for rising seniors attending NYC high schools. 

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Nothing says a return to normalcy like a Karaoke Night. With that said, hit up Tubby Hook Tavern (4946 Broadway) every Thursday to sing your little heart out with host DJ Derek Wise.

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We leave you with this back in the day pic of the GWB courtesy of @old.newyorkcity. See you next week familia.

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