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We love to see it. The newly formed Heights Perspective Collective is debuting their first exhibit, Uptown Perspectives. Uptown Perspectives is a collection of works that highlights how truly special Uptown is. The artists that make up the collective are Jereis Fogel, Francis Hsueh, Sara Poleman, Yuma York and Suzanne Russo. The exhibit will span two locations Buunni Coffee Inwood (4961 Broadway) and Recirculation (876 Riverside Drive) and each will have an Opening Reception and an Artist Talk. Make sure to catch this wonderful exhibit of talented local artists. Click below for more info.

Check out: The Heights Perspective Collective Presents Uptown Perspectives

                                         Photo: Chris Kelly

“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.” John James Audubon

Happy Earth Day familia.

Jamel Shabazz is one of the greatest street photographers of all time. You know his work even if you might not know his name. His stirring images of everyday people on the streets of New York lovingly capture the vibrancy and resiliency of his subjects. With that said, make your way to The Bronx Museum of the Arts (1040 Grand Concurse) ASAP to catch this expansive and joyous exhibit. The exhibition, on view through September 4, features over 150 photographs by the legendary photographer. This is the largest retrospective of the artist’s work to date. Don’t miss it!

Check out: Uptown Art Alert: Jamel Shabazz: Eyes on the Street @ The Bronx Museum of the Arts

The first Uptown Night Market of the year was a rousing success. Under the protection of the iconic West Harlem Arches, not even the rain could dampen the pure joy exuded from all in attendance. This was, in no uncertain terms, an Uptown Love fest. With that said, make sure you are at the next one on Thursday, May 12 at 4 pm. Remember you now have the 2nd Thursday of every month until November accounted for. You’re welcome!

Check out: About Last Night: The Uptown Night Market Returns

Gregg McQueen of The Manhattan Times gave us the wonderful news that gifted and talented programs in NYC school will be expanded.

Check out: Gifted and Talented program expanded | Manhattan Times

Back in 2013, Country Club, the popular Dominican soda brand, ran a brilliant ad campaign that featured a group of aliens coming to the Dominican Republic with nefarious intent but end up falling in love with Quisqueya. Enjoy!

Check out: #TBT: That time aliens invaded La Republica Dominicana

La Lupe was a force of nature. It was with good reason that the Cuban Afro-Latina songstress from the Bronx was known as the “Queen of Latin Soul.” La Lupe was absolutely unforgettable and in her heyday graced the stage of Carnegie Hall, headlined at The Garden and even starred on Broadway. Genias in Music: La Lupe, by Latino USA, is a fascinating deep dive into the life and career of this important but often misunderstood giant of Latin music.

Check out: Listen: Genias in Music: La Lupe

Nothing says national disfunction like the whole mask issue. Our Tweet of the Week goes to Dan Rather for breaking it down so succinctly.

Check out: The Tweet of the Week: #Facts

The Bronx Free Press reported that graduate student workers at Fordham University have successfully voted to unionize during an official National Labor Relations Board election held recently.

Check out: Fordham Grad Student Workers To Unionize | Bronx Free Press

Nothing says a return to normalcy like a Karaoke Night. With that said, hit up Tubby Hook Tavern (4946 Broadway) every Thursday to sing your little heart out with host DJ Derek Wise.

Check out: Thursday Uptown: Karaoke Night @ Tubby Hook Tavern

We leave you with this striking image from @joey_lenzz. See you next week familia.

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