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Centennial Cone last week ended up being unique for a couple of reasons; 1) we finished before dark and 2) someone joined the ride with an eBike. Pretty sure it's the first time we've had an eBike on a weekly group ride.  Grant L. shared a devotional about how God had taught him the importance of placing God first in his life and how he'd seen chasing racing results, fast Strava times and basing self worth on achievement on the bike as ultimately empty compared to seeking our Lord first. 

This week let's get out and enjoy the late sunset at Staunton State park.  It's about 30min out 285 from morrison, so plan on carpooling and enjoy the drive but try to be on time as we will need all the daylight to do this adventurous loop. 

Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God

What is invention do you think is most important to mountain biking in the last 30 years? Suspension? Disc Brakes? Dropper Post? Tubeless Tires?. Our next beatitude in our study is:
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God."
 Humans have amazing capacity for problem solving.   We have put a man on the moon.  We have invented and engineered mountain bikes that can climb efficiently, but and also shred the downhill.  We have invented dropper posts, and amazing hot dog grills.  But...we have not accomplished world peace.  We have done so much, why can't we bring peace to the world? 

We cannot bring to the world which we do not possess ourselves.
Jesus did what we cannot do. He came to restore a broken humanity humanity.  He brought unity and completeness or wholeness.  Peacemakers bring shalom to the world.  We are able to participate in what Jesus brought.  He came so he is "already" but is "not yet" in the sense that we wait until he comes again.  However, we can continue to grow his rule on earth by loving our enemies, and praying for those who persecute us.  Peacemakers bring shalom. 
Action:  Who are your enemies that you can bring shalom or peace to?  Maybe it is the hiker group, or the mountain bikers that give other mountain bikers a bad reputation.  Maybe it is people that talk behind your back, or perhaps your boss, or person on the other side of politics than you.  Pray for shalom for your enemies lives.  Pray for reconciliation and well being.
Action  Where is God calling you to bring shalom into the world?  See Colossians 1:19:23.  One of the Waterstone pastors put it this way, "Jesus did not come to the world to just bring peace or shalom to you, but also through you."

This Week's Ride (Full Schedule)

When: Thursday, 6/27/2019, meet at 5:45pm, start the devotional and introductions at 6:00pm. 

Where: Staunton State park 

Directions: 12102 S Elk Creek Rd, Pine, CO 80470-9406
Questions: Reply to this email or join the facebook group

Waiver: Mountain biking can result in injury. By attending this ride you acknowledge the risk as stated in the group waiver

BOMB Values:

  1. We believe we are part of God's kingdom, not just a biking club.  We believe in God, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. We give thanks and glory to God. 
  3. We put the group first. 
  4. It's about the relationships: We connect with each other, encourage and support one another in Christ.


BOMB Ride Format:

What to expect on a ride (all times are very approximate and will vary from week to week).
6:00 pm Prayer, then about a 2 hour ride
High/Midpoint Regroup, chat a little
8:00 pm Back at the cars for hot dogs

See full
schedule for details.
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