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Weekly Update

Lair was fun last week, we had two first time riders and nice group of 20.(8 + 8 + 4 per Jeffco regulations).  Joking aside about group size, 20 is a really big group, so during our rides be nice and don't clog up the trail.  In practice this means limit do-overs on technical features, the "fast" climbing group just keeps moving and we don't regroup all 20 riders multiple times.  Chimney is this week, so likely just regroup at the top. 

Moab Trip
If you are going to the Moab trip
Important - get your bike dialed and maintained this week.  Don't be "that guy" who holds up a group of 20 who took time off work and traveled to Utah to ride because you wanted to get a little more out of worn out tires or you waited to late for the shop to bleed those brakes. 

Other things you are responsible for: 
1) Final house payment due this week if staying in the group house
2) Ensure you have shuttles confirmed (Ribbon, The Whole Enchilada, Magnificent 7)
3) Start thinking about carpools, what time are you leaving on Thursday, coming back on Sunday? 

Have you ever been riding a trail and you see a rock that you absolutely do not want to hit or a line you absolutely want to avoid?  You stare at it and focus on it.  What happens?  You fail to see the bigger picture and inevitably you hit the rock or follow the line you want to avoid.  Has anyone experienced this?

Last week we discussed excuses we make for getting in the game.  We are not alone in this.  When God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt Moses repeatedly focused on himself, not where God wanted him to go, and made up excuse after excuse.

Exodus 3:10-12
10 So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.”
11 But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”
12 And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you[a] will worship God on this mountain.”

God tells Moses to go bring God's people (the Israelites) out of Egypt. Moses responds, "Who am I that I should go..." God tells Moses, "I will be with you." Moses then says, "Who should I tell them sent me." God then tells Moses to tell them "I AM" sent you. In verses 16-22, God tells Moses to go to the Israelites and tell them that he will lead them out of Egypt. In Chapter 4 Moses responses, "What if they don't believe me or listen to me." Again, God reassures Moses and gives him signs. Moses then questions God, again, saying he's not good at speech. God's anger then burned against Moses, and God said that Moses' brother, Aaron will be Moses' mouthpiece.

This story shows that Moses was self-focused. He was focused on his own insecurities and was fighting God's restoration efforts. Instead of putting God at the center, he put himself at the center of the focus - people won't believe me, who am I, I'm not good at speech. How many of us have done this same thing, or due to our own insecurities, failed to be courageous when God presented an opportunity for us, turned from a call, or failed to stop and listen to discern God's will?

I know I (Doug) have failed at this. In 11th grade I kept hearing God's call to ministry.  I thought that meant standing on a stage or pulpit and preaching to others.  When I was in 11th grade I was extremely shy and scared to death of public speaking.  Thus, I said, God, you've got the wrong guy.  I then majored in business.  I was then working as an investment accountant at the Principal Financial Group and heard God again call me to ministry.  I again responded - I hear you God, but how about you let me do this business thing, build my kingdom, then I will retire early and preach around the world.  I made up excuses.  It didn't work for me.  Just like staring at the rock I want to avoid generally doesn't work for me either.  

The good news in the story of Exodus is that God kept showing Moses that this is God's will, thus God will be with him. It wasn't easy - Moses endured 40 years in the wilderness. Yet this was all for God's glory. This message tells us that if God calls us to do something, we should have confidence that God will be with us, just as he told Moses. When we put God at the center and focus on God, HE will run the show. God will give us the privilege to be his mouthpiece, his eyes, ears, feet and hands on earth. Again, it may not be easy, but keeping the bigger picture in mind - the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life - such "sacrifice" is a small price to pay. I think we can be encouraged by Moses - he ultimately did have faith and did follow God's command. God has patience with Moses, and God fulfilled his promise.

God is faithful.  Where is God calling you? 
This Week's Ride (Full Schedule)

When: Thursday, 8/29/2019, meet at 5:45pm, start the devotional and introductions at 6:00pm. 

Where: Chimney Gulch - Park at Golden Library

Directions: 1019 10th St, Golden, CO 80401
Questions: Reply to this email or join the facebook group

Waiver: Mountain biking can result in injury. By attending this ride you acknowledge the risk as stated in the group waiver

BOMB Values:

  1. We believe we are part of God's kingdom, not just a biking club.  We believe in God, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. We give thanks and glory to God. 
  3. We put the group first. 
  4. It's about the relationships: We connect with each other, encourage and support one another in Christ.


BOMB Ride Format:

What to expect on a ride (all times are very approximate and will vary from week to week).
6:00 pm Prayer, then about a 2 hour ride
High/Midpoint Regroup, chat a little
8:00 pm Back at the cars for hot dogs

See full
schedule for details.
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