Just some dates and times to be aware of as we head into the end of the year.

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These dates are when Capital Research Advisors offices will be closed in Dec and early January including any close early dates as well as processing dates and times for certain actions.

12/24/2020 We will be closing early @ 12:00 pm.

12/25/2020 We will be closed all day, and on 1/1/2021 we will be closed all day.

The final day to request the full transfers of accounts from an outside firm to Capital Research Advisors so assets will be received by year-end is 12/28/2020.
The final day to request a gift of securities be made from your account to an individual or organization at another firm;
Equities 12/28/2020 by 12:00 pm EST; Mutual Funds 12/4/2020 by 4:00 pm.
The last day to process a Federal and/or State tax withholding payment from your IRA – 12/30/2020.
The last day to request IRA distribution to ensure completion in 2020 is 12/30/2020 for Electronic; 12/15/2020 for Required Minimum Distribution requests.
All conversions and reconversions from a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA for tax year 2020 must be received by 12/30/2020.
The final day to requests to transfer funds to/from your outside bank – 12/30/2020 before 3:00 pm.
The final day to request a Check Disbursement from your account- Dec 30,2020, 12:00pm.
The final day to request an outgoing wire transfer - Dec 30,2020, 12:00 pm. 
-Final day to request a transfer between accounts – 12/30/2020 before 2:00 pm.

Thank you and we hope you have a great holiday.



Ken Graves, Chief Investment Officer

Capital Research Advisors, LLC 

Capital Research Advisors, LLC, 
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Suwanee, GA 30024 
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Mortgages (click here)  

It is truly amazing to see rates just keep on dropping! It is a boon for homeowners to refinance right now and there may be some more juice left in the fruit for a bit more of a squeeze! I think they will likely keep tipping on down.  If we were to see the 15-year mortgage rate start with a "1", while it would be astounding it would not totally shock me. No guarantees on that at all but............ it could happen!

They could go lower still.

 Just a year end great reminder. It might be some easy money for you.

1. Tax Credits Yet Unknown to You.

If you’re a startup or a new or small business or a founder, chances are you qualify for tax credits you are not claiming.  There is a new company called 
MainStreet that audits your books and applies for tax credits on your behalf. The average amount they save companies that sign up is $75,000.

Hard to believe? There are countless examples on social media talking about how much this program has saved them on a yearly basis. On aggregate they have saved companies over millions in total. And soon they will be expanding from just a few tax credits to hundreds.

If you’re a founder or partner of a company with 5+ and up employees, look into it. Tax credits are awesome!

Cost to try this? Mainstreet takes a % of the credits they deliver for you.
2. Yield on Savings/Checking

One of the accounts I oversee has an upper level of service at a large bank due to the fact that they keep over $100,000 in the bank. That means their “status” gives them some perks like higher interest rates on cash.  I was going over their bank statement for them and saw that their "status" gets them 0.02%! I told them of a basic internet search they could do and find rates 10X -20X higher.  

Banks make money off the interest spread. They’re not going to voluntarily pay you more, so you need to be proactive about it. They prey on laziness and lack of inertia-the money with them is not in motion... out the door!  Look around and it is easy to find much higher rates on money markets. It might take you 15 mins to fill out their application online but it is easy money!

3. Investing Your “Safe” Money

Yes, this one requires a bit of a change in thinking, so it might not be a fit for everyone.

Most people think cash is the safest investment, but if you include the effects of inflation, cash can easily have a large loss of purchasing power over time.  Historically, if you invest, as opposed to banking it, part of your safe money, the combined results have the potential to be higher yield AND lower historical losses.

4.  Shopping Rebates

If you buy things online, you sometimes will notice a box at checkout that lets you input a discount code. Instead of having to go and search for a discount code every time you buy something, you might consider using one of these two companies, 
Rakuten and BeFrugal. Rakuten has a browser add-on (extension) that finds the best rebate and automatically does it for you. Boom, it kind of works for you even if you forget it is working for you!  The other is Befrugal and it is similar but is just not a browser add-on.

I’ve received checks from them 3 different times so far. It costs nothing to join and pays you with automatic discounts while you shop AND sends you their own rebate checks too!
5. Refunds for Fees

We all pay fees that we don’t necessarily have to pay (think credit card annual fees, etc). There are a few apps that will automatically request fee waivers or discounts.  I can't say that I have used them a lot but here are a few you can get on board for free. 
Cushion and DoNotPay

6. Get a Raise

Did you ask for a raise this year?  Why not? Most are too scared and people just don’t like rejection.

There are several ways to ask for a raise.  What’s the worst that can happen, they just say no?! It costs you nothing to try.

7. Unclaimed Assets

You have likely heard about this one, but given that it has saved people millions of dollars so far, I need to encourage you to do it!

It is very simple, many people leave behind money, particularly when they move. Things like cable bills, dividends, trusts, insurance all go unclaimed and sit in the state government coffers. There are billions some claim waiting to be claimed, and the government is in no rush to find you and pay it out.

The good news is you can go to this website just like I did,, search your name, and apply to claim your cash. Don’t forget to search states where you used to live. I found $174 of mine once and found money my Dad had left in an old military savings account. One of our own clients had $116,000+ in an old investment account that was in an unclaimed status!

You can search your family, co-workers, a boss and present them with the info (might be a great time to ask for that raise). There are few things people like more than free money, except free money they get back from the government.

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