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Friend, the Supreme Court Decision regarding District 6 came out yesterday.

The court decided in a  5-4 ruling that Maryland's Districts will not be changed for the
 upcoming 2020 election. Now, we are going to have to work harder than ever to change our state.

The end of the quarterly reporting period is this Sunday at midnight.  Do you want to send a clear message that you are unhappy with Maryland's congressional districts and that the Democrats have a 7-1 advantage in Congress?  Now would be the best time for me to hear from you.  Would you make a donation to help my campaign right now?
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As you know, I formed an exploratory committee to run for Congress and not having a new map will make it more difficult for a Republican like me to win.  A win is possible, however, as we saw in 2014 when Dan Bongino almost won, losing by less than 1.5% of the votes or 2,774 votes.

I am moving forward with the exploratory committee and hearing from you right now would be a huge encouragement as we contemplate next steps.  This financial quarter ends on Sunday at midnight, and your help right now would help me post good results.

It is disappointing to me that Western Maryland will not be made whole sooner than 2022, and will have to wait longer for relief from the Democrat abuse of power. Many people in Western Maryland don't feel represented in Congress right now and haven't since the new maps were first implemented in 2012, but we can work to change that.

The current Congressman representing District 6, David Trone, expressed in an amicus brief that the districts are "perfectly satisfactory." Does the map on the right look "perfectly satisfactory" to you?  Do you think he represented Western Maryland well when he wrote that brief as "our Congressman"?

Since 2011, I have worked to fight the Maryland gerrymander through our successful referendum effort, a lawsuit to make the referendum question fair, and a lawsuit of my own with Judicial Watch. I have worked to fight for the voices of each Marylander who lost their voice through an unfair map.  A gerrymander so obvious, that Comedy Central made fun of Maryland for it and former Governor Martin O'Malley admitted that he designed the map to get rid of Congressmen Bartlett and to put another Democrat in Congress.  

That is why conservatives will need to work even harder to make their voice heard at the ballot box this election season. Will you show that you support common-sense, conservative values in Maryland's 6th District by donating to my Exploratory Congressional Campaign today?

I need to know that I have your support if I am going to help bring common-sense to the ballot box.  
David Trone has already endorsed democratic Presidential Candidate John Delaney as well as Democrat Alabama US Senator Doug Jones. At the recent Democrat debate, the Democrats were tripping over themselves to share how much they support illegal aliens and abortion rights. Now is not the time to put a Democrat in Congress, or in the White House. Now is the time to send a solid, common-sense conservative to Washington D.C.

I have worked tirelessly to protect elections from partisan gerrymanders, to protect the Nation's sovereignty from illegal aliens, and to protect life in and out of the womb. Will you show your support for common-sense conservatism in Maryland by donating right now to my exploratory campaign.

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Thank you for your continued support, as my family and I word to create lower taxes, less government, and more jobs in Maryland and the nation.



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